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Will My Derm Give Me Roaccutane?

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Hi Guys

About 6 months ago I posted on here about seeing my GP regarding roaccutane. He didn't think that it was appropriate but nevertheless gave me a referral to a derm. I am really nervous as it has taken a long time for me to get an appointment, and would be pretty demoralised if the answer is no.

This is my third year of taking minocyclin. Before that I was on another drug for a year. All of these drugs seem to calm my acne, but do not completely clear it, obviously.

I would say that I have moderate acne on my back (pustules, bleeding etc) and mild to moderate acne on my face (around mouth and jawline) shoulders and chest. I can have a clear face in the morning and literally feel a pimple appear, and have it literally pulsating by the end of the day.

I know this sounds wrong, but should I stop taking Minocyclin so the Derm can see what my skin actually looks like before I go? it seems that whenever I have an appointment my skin clears up enough for the professional to just keep me on Minocyclin :(

I find it ironic that they emphasis how depressed and suicidal people can get while on roaccutane when I could become equally depressed knowing that I will consistently have this terrible skin.

I dream of the day when I can prop a pillow behind my back and read a book without blood staining it.

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Like I said, this is my skin at its best.

I never take my top off as I am self conscious about my physique and more obviously my skin!

I am happy with my face right now, but I still get the consistent mouth and jawline pimples


My shoulder which is also good at the moment, usually I get more pussy ones.


Back :(


This is all while I am on minocyclin

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By the looks of it, I'm guessing a derm would have no problem giving it to you if you told them everything you've tried/failed. Make a list of the products. Let them know you have read about the drug and understand the side effects. Just do a bit of convincing. At the worst, the derm might want you to try/fail a few things with them first.

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