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hi all, this is savannah=) so i am currently on month 4 of accutane. i am a model and i was self-concious about my acne, especially when u feel like the people are concentrating on that the most and not u :cry:

i am 5'8, russian, swedish, and greek :wub: i have long brown hair, blue eyes, medium tan skin i am 17

i will tell u guys EVERYTHING that has gone on so far in this journey, and please rite comments=?)

-MONTH 1: ok things were good forrrrr about 5 days then i sslloowwlleeyy noticed more pimples emerging, and i knew this was the dun dun duunnnnn INITIAL BREAKOUTTTTT :wall: sshhiitt lol=p so i was broken out pretttyy badly on my cheeks, and it itched and was just sooo uncomfortable and i was humiliated, and it didnt help that my teacher made fun of me.. wat a wanker i wanted to kick his ass (dont worry i didnt, i just made fun of his 3 hairs) :lol: at the end of month 1 everything was going well!! SHOCKING :shock:

-MONTH 2: umm.. well to be honest i didnt like this month much at all.. i mean breakouts were coming not much tho but i was mostly down about the red markssss='[ also i got 2 cysts during this time, one on my chin and one right between my eyebrows!! :doh:

i was pretty down but the cysts faded in like a weeks time so thats a plus. :)

-MONTH 3: :dance: was goood i noticed things becoming better(red marks and breakouts were all dry) so month 3 was very good, oh and also i got bumped from 40 mg to 60 mg during this month, and i notice how muh FASTER things dry out!!

MONTH 4: FAV MONTH so i have noticed how my red marks r fading sooo much more<3 which makes me h happy camper!! :D right now during this month i havnt had a real pimple, little tiny bumps the size of a pin prick which is good i must say :0)




MONTH 3: 60 MG

MONTH 4: 60 MG

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so far so good and my acne marks r almossstt all gone on my right side and ummm not bad on my left =]

so i still only have dry lips, skin, hair, and eyes.

ive been bad about not drinking enough water tho.. bad bad

um everything on my face is smooth =]

this is by far the best month for me by far. ugh here in cali ITS SO HOT 103 today=[ so i put on my spf 55 uva/uvb sunblock so i don't get burned :redface:

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no one reads this but oh well ijust got finished running 5 miles i feel SO TIRED but in a good way i guess!

still no chance.. im going to be getting my monthly gift in about a week tho sooo we'll see!! i sure hope not!!!:pray:

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good day=] just dry skinnnnnn nothing more then that

I'm reading!!! Keep up the posting! I wanna be in your shoes... nearly done!!! :D

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