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I read this forum quite regularly and there are probably hundreds of different things I see people do that they claim helps them. But I just want to know if I am missing something essential in my routine.

I had severe acne until I decided to take a more natural approach. I was on Roaccutane twice and the second time it did nothing whatsoever. After starting my current routine my skin improved by about 70% which is enough for me to be able to talk to people eye to eye and not cover my face in a subtle manner. However, I can't by any means say that I'm "clear" or have "great skin" yet.

My routine is summarized below:


-1 glass 100% Black Currant juice daily

-1-2 pots of organic green tea daily (4 bags per pot)


Note that I don't ever drink any soft drink. I do drink alcohol but it's not uncommon for me to go months without touching it. Also, I often may only drink green tea throughout the day and nothing else (not even water). I'm wondering if I have to drink water as well as I've noticed that my urine isn't clear even after drinking two pots of the stuff. I suspect it might be the timing of it too, as SOMETIMES I might not drink anything throughout the day and then just down heaps of tea.


-No fast food.

-Home cooked meal consisting of some form of meat (red meat or chicken) with mashed potatoes (sometimes rice) and mixed vegetables.

-During the day I might have pasta (probably 3 times per week).

-At least 3 apples (daily)

I have a feeling my food section might be scrutinized. Until now I thought that as long as it was "fresh" it might be okay. I'm interested to hear what people say about the pasta as well, I thought maybe because it was a complex carbohydrate it might not be that bad.


-Manukah honey face mask (2-4 times a week)

-Lemon juice to exfoliate (once a fortnight)

-Oil free moisturizer daily (after showering in the morning)


-1000mg omega 3 (2 times daily)

-Biozinc (active ingredients: zinc, magnesium, manganese, vitamin A daily)

-Probiotics (daily)

Other information:

Even in a period where my face might be completely clear, I seem to consistently have acne on my scalp and dandruff. I've tried changing shampoo's and the frequency of use but it seems to be universal and be at the same severity all the time.

I have "yellow tongue" which I've had for many years and I realize is probably a yeast problem. Recently I asked my doctor about this and she said for me to take Ranatidine. She said it might take 3 months to work (only been 3 weeks). I've heard some people on this forum say that this is most likely the culprit, and others say it's a myth.

I'm sure most of you understand what it feels like to have acne, so any insight would be highly appreciated.


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I can feel your pain with the shampoo. I haven't washed my hair in

over two years :) I usually just rinse it well with water. The body soap

I use is Bronner's Tea Tree Oil bar of soap. Any other wash I use

gives me acne.

As far as your diet goes, the smallest of things can potentially ignite

your acne. I do not eat any meat. When I do, I get acne.

For a starting point I recommend Loren Cordain's book "The Clear Skin Diet."

It provides a good base for battling your acne. Once you know what

doesn't cause you acne, then you can experiment and add things into

your diet.

The biggest hurdle that I've encountered with a diet is that while it

does not add acne, it will not remove that acne you already have.

So even if you switch over, unless you have a topical treatment you're

likely to remain frustrated. A good battle plan is to:

(1) Eat the right food

(2) Treat your acne topically

(3) Eat the right food (so you don't get new acne)

I read on this forum that people have had luck with ingesting apple cider

vinegar, lemon, and stuff like that. I have not had to take this route.

Topically I bet ACV and lemon can do the trick.

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