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date with guy i liked for so long he's an internet friend...im having lots of acne these days...im very scared of meeting him wit a face like this...

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i haven't ever met him...we only talked on net... We are very intimate...but he thinks im beautiful because he has seen my pics....in which my acne is not visible..earlier i didint had acne when i used to talk to him...but now i hav..so i think after meeting him he is going to loose interest in me...what should i do...

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I'd say talk about it it with him. I was in a somewhat similar situation and I told him straight up that I had acne. He was completely understanding, and it felt so good not to have to hide anything. If he's not a total ass he will still like you. I think it would be better to tell him before you do meet, just so he knows. But if he likes you, it shouldn't matter.

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I think you should talk about it with him, i also met a guy a long time ago who he though i was pretty.And then i told him that the pics that he saw of me, were actually kind of old and you can´t really see my acne because sometimes i make my pictures black and white. So i told him that i suffered acne and he just didn´t care.He told me the outside doesn´t really matter to me, as long as you are a nice person and cool to hang out with. If this guy is not a shallow person, then everything is going to be ok. If he doesn´t likes you because of your skin, then he can go to hell.

When a guy really truly loves girl

He'll stay with her no matter what

& he's going to leave you just because you have acne

Then he was never worth your time :naughty:

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I had a similar experience once and in all honesty it was a disaster. A friend set me up with a girl and had showed her a picture of me where I happened to look good. The day of the date came and I was right in the middle of the worst breakout I have ever had. Fool that I am, I made myself go because I didn't want to let her down and make her feel bad, even though doing so made me feel terrible. Unlucky for me, this girl wasn't actually a nice person and she pretty much insulted me the whole time. So personally, I learnt from that and wouldn't put myself in that situation again.

It would be very unfair to suggest that everyone is like that girl I met, but it would also be unrealistic to think the world is full of people for whom acne would not be an issue when they are considering what they think of another person, physically.

You should try and make an educated decision based on how this guy has acted up until this point. If he likes you and he says he likes you and wants to get to know you better, there's every chance he won't care about any skin problems. Maybe you could raise the subject with him before you meet up, mention your insecurities and so on. Then if that’s not an issue for him, go for it. If for whatever reason he has a problem with it, he wouldn't be worth it anyway.


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