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Stress causes acne, maybe it really is that simple?

The basic cause of acne is over production of sebum. It seems like there are generally three types of acne treatments. One is attacking the bacteria (BP, antibiotics). Another is preventing clogs when sebum is over produced (retinoids). And the third is directly reducing sebum (accutane). Reducing sebum is the only true solution, but accutane is toxic. And it's temporary, I used it before and the effects lasted only a year. But why does the body produce extra sebum? It's related to hormones which can be disrupted by many things. And one of those is stress.

A couple months ago, my girlfriend broke up with me. I got a massive cystic breakout. This week was very stressful at work. And now I have a few small cysts forming. Also on the most stressful night of the week, my face was very shiny. It seems the link between stress and acne is clear.

In the past I used to think, but why do I get acne when I'm not stressed? Girlfriends aren't breaking up every week and work is not always this bad. But looking back on my life so far, I've been in some degree of depression since I was a teen. I'm known for being pessimistic and generally not happy. And I realize now, that there is a constant state of background stress caused by my depression. I'm always worried, over thinking, fighting off negative thoughts, etc. I'm depressed even when my face is clear.

Maybe when I just have the background stress, my body can handle that level of over production of sebum. But any more stress, and it's too much and the acne bacteria gets out of control. There's no way to prevent stress caused by events like work or breakups. But maybe I can do something about this background stress.

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Guest pokemonster

idk im pretty much in constant depression and/or stress but my acne increases/decreases completely randomly, i see no conection or pattern in this at all. (maybe i just dont see it though) im pretty sure though that overall stress is very damaging to skin in a complexion way and other ways. notice how happy laidback ppl usually have the nicest skins (maybe it just looks so to me but i think)

i also wonder how long does effect from 1 stress situation lasts and how long does that cortisol stays in u :think: oh well i guess to google cortisol that is :ermm:

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