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Silicone and Microwaves

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Does anyone know if standing in front of the microwave after having silicone injected can cause migration of the silicone? I'm not asking so much about reaction, as the silicone is inert, but more about rapid vibration of the silicone beads from the radiation to the point where they can form microbursts and move to different parts of the face. Im asking because I was standing in front of a microwave that was running and I started to get very lightheaded and could feel a weird tingling sensation in my face. Ive been all paranoid about this.

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Yes, and Im being totally serious about this. It was weird, like there was a tingling sensation in my face and I was starting to feel dizzy at the same time. I think it's probable microwave radiation could affect placement of some foreign material in the body. Like xrays of different wavelength, microwaves can pass right through you. Ill know in a couple weeks if my results reverse and worsen or if there are little lumps in other parts of my face. I am totally paranoid over this now.

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Probably coincidence with the microwave. However, after my silicone injections I did feel kind of dizzy so maybe that is related, but I don't think the microwave will affect it. If that was true, don't put a cell phone up to your face when you talk either.

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yea right, and don't go out in the sun either because that's radiation, too. But, microwaves are very high frequency, I think, so more penetration. I did not ever get this weird dizzy, face-tingling feeling like I did this morning in front of my microwave. It was the most bizarre and unpleasant feeling. Right after I freaked and thought it was my silicone moving due to the vibrating/tingling feeling in my forehead and cheeks. I really hate microwaves, and hardly use them, but I find they cook bacon better than anything else.

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