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HELP! Active acne or Scar?

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Hey guys I’m really confused about what I have, active acne or scar? Well I have these whitish bumps, they don’t hurt or anything, they’re somewhat reddish, and if I run my fingers, I could feel the texture of the bumps. do you guys have any ideas what they are? It’s not milia or whatever it’s called is it?? And btw, I’ve had the ones on my nose for years. I had previous acne there before..

None of them is puss filled or anything too.. and I dare not pick them, i don't think i can pick them anyways.

Well here’s some pix, I’m not very good at explaining, any suggestions on what I can do about them? Treatments? I asked my derm before, he said I have severe acne and that I should be put on accutane, {Do you think my acne is severe as what he said?} but I was scared of taking it. I was on minocin before (last month) + benzagel

It was waaaay worse before, my face was really red but it’s actually somewhat better now.

my face looks so oily.. yuck, sorry for the graphic image guys,

user posted image


user posted image

Nose^ is this a raised scar?

user posted image

Here’s what it looks like… full face view..

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hiya.. honestly to me that looks like acne. but if its been there for years it may not be. i would say go to a new derm. whatever it is, its NOT severe. if its not acne, maybe a good derm could inject them with cortisone, which can help scars/ inflammation alot. try not to worry though, you'll figure it out, just get a good dermy smile.gif

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I agree w/Sadcaroline-- I would seek the advice of another Dermatologist. The fact that these are reddish leads me to believe that something is active. I also agree that whatever this is, I would not call it severe.

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I think it's raised scar as well. Is your skin prone to scars? i mean, if u have a minor cut somewhere on your arm, does it leave raised scar after the wound has been healed? If it does, then i suspect your skin is prone to scars and those bumps in the picture should be scarring rather than active acne.

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It looks like you have that rare scarring condition where any damage to your skin causes a raised/red bump instead of healing 'normally' like most people. I'm not sure, but it looks a lot like a scar my aunt got after spinal surgery (though yours is nowhere near as bad) and she has that condition.

Sorry, my advice is proabably worthless but I thought I'd make that suggestion anyway.

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