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Chris' Regimen

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Hello and welcome to my personal regimen log! The name is Christopher but you may call me Chris.

Before I jump straight to it, first a little info:

  • My skin is oily, oily oily.
  • I am 21 years old, so perhaps my hormones are still running amok.
  • My ethnicity is mixed (African and Caucasian).
  • My pores are huge.
  • I pick at my zits/whiteheads/blackheads (whatever you call em)
  • Allergic to pollen
  • I've tried sooooo many products, but nothing works

Okay so lets get to the products that I have used but didn't work/do anything:

  • Aloe Gentle Face Wash
  • Aloe Calming Toner
  • Aloe Soothing Night Cream
  • Aloe Eye Defence
  • Aloe Gentle Exfoliator
  • Nutriganics Smoothing Mask

The Aloe series claim to be made for sensitive skin which can be true, I didn't feel any stinging or burning sensation while using it. I've heard so many wonderful thing about aloe (not plant, not TBS product line) so I figured I might give it a try. I payed like 880NOK which is $163, so I was thinking that it must work! The woman in the store also told me that I shouldn't use the Aloe face mask because it didn't purify at all, therefor she sold me Nutriganics Smoothing Mask instead which is supposed to cleanse the skin. I came home, starting using this regularly, but I saw no change, then I started doing a little research. And what do you know, this isn't compatible for oily skin at all! The woman at the store didn't even tell me that this was for those with dry to normal skin!

Before I bought the Aloe product line I went to The Body Shop and bought Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash & Tea Tree Face Mask. The label and (same) woman claimed that this was for oily skin and will absorb excess oil and clean the skin. After I got home, I applied this and everything seemed fine until the next day. When I woke up, I had broken out. I figured it was just a coincidence so I waited a few days and applied it again. The next day the same thing happened, I had new breakouts. Again I told myself it was just a coincidence, but when it happened for the third time I threw it away. Tea tree oil is antibacterial but only if its in concentration of 5% the concentration in these products is much lower then 5%.

Therefor I have come to the conclusion that The Body Shop is total bullshit when it comes to clearing acne. They may (and I only mean may!) have products that's suitable for dry to normal skin, but nothing good for oily/combination skin!

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Paula's Choice - Skin Balancing

  • s1 night and day - Skin Balancing Cleanser
  • s2 night and day- Exfoliating 2% BHA Liquid
  • s3 day - Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion SPF 15 & Antioxidants
  • s3 night- Skin Balancing Moisture Gel
  • e1 weekly - Skin Balancing Carbon Mask

Day 1 - 27th July


The products (that will save my skin) arrived, yay! After unsealing them I put on the cleanser straight away. I was surprised that the cleanser did not foam, which is nice. The cleanser had a strange smell to it, but it didn't smell bad. Also worth mentioning is that it didn't cause any burning or stinging sensations. After washing the cleanser off, my skin felt matte, which is exactly what I've struggled with products to achieve.

When it was time for the toner I realized to my horror that I had forgotten to order it! I hope the toner isn't a very essential part of the system, because if it is, I'm ****. Anyway, so I moved on to the next step, which is exfoliating but I decided to throw on the mask first. The mask has a dark green color which is supposedly good for removing excess oil. I read somewhere that the darker the mask color is, the better it works, sounds like total bs to me, but you never know. Anyway after I applied it, my skin starting burning and itching horribly. I told myself that it was nothing, but after 5 minutes, I had to rinse it off. I felt sad because it's from Paula's Choice and I know she wouldn't put irritating ingredients in there, so that means it must be me (or more correctly, my skin).

After rising the mask off, the stinging/burning stopped and so I moved on to the next step which is the 2% BHA. When I saw that it was liquid form, I immediately started worrying if it would be as harsh as some of the toners I've tried. Fortunately it wasn't. I didn't feel anything when I put it on, which is good I supposed.

Then it was time for the Skin Balancing Moisture Gel. Now this moisturizer is awesome. After you've applied it, you can't even tell you're wearing a moisturizer! And the best part? It doesn't make you shiny! As for the moisturizing itself, I have no idea if it's good or not. As I have oily skin, I really doubt I can tell the difference between moisturizing effects, because I really don't need more moisture.

Day 2 - 28th July


Didn't see any dramatic changes as expected, but would be fun to wake up acne free from only try! Anyway I applied the cleaner, exfoliation and then it was time for the daytime moisturizer. Let me first start by saying that the nighttime moisturizer was much better. This one adds a shine and you walk around with a greasy face. This one has SPF though unlike the PM one, but I rather be without SPF and have a non-greasy face, then walk around with a sun protected greasy face.


My face is still shiny from the daytime moisturizer, but the cleanser took care of that. I didn't apply the mask and I don't know if I ever will again, although I'm hoping that if I do use it again, next time I won't react the same way. Anyway my pimples are still really swollen and red and I feel like squeezing the yellow liquid out of it, but I didn't do it yesterday and I haven't done it today either. But walking around with yellow stuff on your face which might pop any second is not fun. Oh and yes, my skin also feels a little tighter after using the products and I must say, I am liking it!

Also might worth mentioning is that I've started to itch on my arms, and a small part of my face. The itching isn't intense it's just there, so to speak, but I just have to see if it gets worse. Might just be the pollen..

Edit: I'm uploading a couple of pictures just to show my acne. I have no idea what type of acne I have, so if anyone could help identifying it, that would be awesome. Dunno how great quality the pics will be though as I took them with my lousy phone.

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Day 3 - 29th July


I woke up with a few new pimples on my chin. It's not as aggressive as the ones on my cheeks but hopefully it will go away by tomorrow. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the shaving, but I used Paula's shaving cream so it shouldn't make me break out. Hopefully it's just my skin purging. I also noticed that the acne on my cheeks are really dry, which might just be cause I just woke up, but perhaps this is the process of eliminating them.

I've decided that I'm not gonna use the daytime moisturizer because, as I said, it makes me shiny, so I'm gonna use the one without SPF instead.


I've been itching on my cheeks all day. I also discovered that under my zits on the cheeks is a big cyst. :(

Pics of day 3 below:

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Day 4

My skin looks worse now. I have new pimples everywhere and the cysts are still there and it doesn't seem like they are going anywhere.

I was late for work today so I didn't put a moisturizer on and it turns out that the acne looks terribly dry if I don't moisturize them. I will definitely start wearing moisturizer everyday.

I also tried the Skin Balancing Carbon Mask again, only on my chin though, and it still irritated my skin so I'm definitely sending it back.

Day 5

Even worse now. The fact that I wore foundation and sun-powder yesterday probably didn't help. I got a new zit right under my nose, above the upper lip. It's white/yellow and ready to be popped. I also popped some pimples yesterday before I went out dancing. I just can't walk around having white spots on my face which might burst at any minute.

The redness of the acne have seemed to tone down tho which might just be because of some leftover foundation (the foundation I used is very hard to remove with just cleansing wipes).

Edit: The response in this thread is overwhelming!

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