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Hello, I'm a 19 year old young man and have had acne since I was 15 and would really appreciate your advice. My acne was mild/moderate until I was a senior in high school then I started to develop cyst which where painful (emotionally and physically). My acne is now back to moderate and is mostly located around my mouth and jaw area. I have some scarring, hyper pigmentation, and a lot of residual red marks. Acne is a huge burden in my life and I feel embarrassed to leave my home or look people in the eye. I also have rosacea which is currently under control. I have been to three dermatologists over the past four years and I have yet to see any significant improvement. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Topical Things I Have Tried:


Skin ID


Exposed skin care.

Honey and cinnamon mask

Green Tea

Tea Tree soap/cleanser

Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser

Salicylic acid cleanser

Duac gel




Oral Antibiotics:





Skin Treatments:

Facials once a week for 4 months.

5 V-beams

3 Isolaze

2 E-matrix

Blue light therapy

Current Skin Regiment


Gentle Cleanser

Salicylic Acid serum

Green Tea moisturizer


Salicylic Acid pumas cleanser

Shave- With extra sensitive shaving gel



Throughout the day I drink 6 cups of decaff green tea.

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Forgot to add that I exercise 4-6 days per week. I eat very healthy; no sugar, no dairy, no fast food. I don't eat red meat because I have too much iron in my blood. I drink at least 64oz of water per day. I have even tried the paleo diet for 6 weeks and nothing has helped.

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Hey, I'm 19, too :)

I broke out my first year of college due to stress. I tried many over-the-counter acne kits and even some prescribed stuff, but nothing worked. The only thing that got me clear was the acne.org regimen. I guess benzyl peroxide is the thing for me. The medicated cleansers I've used didn't seem to do any good for me. Only topical medication made a difference. Now, I use Purpose Gentle Cleanser, acne.org benzyl peroxide, St. Ives exfoliation scrub, and CeraVe moisturizer (though I'm not completely happy with this moisturizer). This works well for me.

I would also suggest Apple Cider Vinegar for the red marks/hp. That seems to be helping my redmarks and I've heard/read that it can help acne as well.

Btw, my mom works in a spa and she says that facials are just exfoliation treatments you can do at home plus a face massage. I don't know if that's true for all facials, but maybe invest in a good exfoliator instead.

I never went on accutane because I'm afraid of the side-effects. For me, it would only be my last option. I never had severe acne before, though... so what do I know? Maybe it will work out for you. Just make sure you're well informed.

Good luck :)

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My mom will not allow me to take accutane. I've wanted it for years.

You're 19, and you should definately take it. Don't you want to be clear?

I too was afraid of taking accutane until my dermatologist in Mexico suggested it. He assured me that there are many side effects, but what medication DOESN'T have side effects. He's been perscribing it for 15 years and not one of his patients has landed in the hospital because of it's side effects.

I'm not taking it, so I wouldn't know about it, but its next and hopefully last on my list if my current regime doesn't work.

Ziana is working wonders on me and I'm happy on it along with Lymecycline twice a day. What did it do wrong for you?

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