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James Small

Can acne change with your perception?

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Hello everyone, this post is quite a weird one.

Basically, I was wondering whether the way in which you perceive acne can change the amount you have? I know it sounds odd, but recently I've gone through a weird transition with how I feel about my skin.

It all started a month ago when I began a strict holistic approach, which lasted for two weeks. In that time I saw a vast improvement in my acne; in fact in the second week I only had one or two pimples, which was the clearest I'd been in two weeks. Unfortunately, cravings got the better of me and I began to binge to make up for the time I would spent eating healthily.

Since then I have been eating a vast amount of rubbish food every day, such as cakes, chocolates, breads, and the occasional glass of milk. Understanding how unhealthy foods can cause acne, I knew this was bad. So, somewhere within the past week or so I began waiting. waiting for the pimples to come through, expecting one to show up randomly, followed by another and then another. But instead of having a massive out break of pimples, my acne has actually IMPROVED.

The only thing I can put this improvement down to, is the only thing I have changed within the past few weeks, and that is my perception of acne and how it makes me feel. For the first time in two years my acne doesn not bother me at all. I do not see acne as a barrier between myself and the world anymore. I dont care what people think about my skin or about me. I have stopped using my energy to hate acne, and since then I have seen an improvement.

In fact, thinking about it, my acne actually started when I began to care about how I looked and how others saw me. Two years ago I had my first pimples form on the day of my school leavers prom when I was (for the first time ever) obsessively nervous about how I looked. Acne then exploded onto the scene when I began college and was scared that if I did not act a certain way I would not fit in. This of course made me judge the way I portrayed myself.

I am not saying this is absolute proof that my acne is linked within me mentally, but I have noticed a connection there and to be honest I am slightly shocked.

Has anyone else noticed a similar connection?

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This summer, I decided to give up on caring about acne. I decided I would still do a topical regimen and all that, but I would not care about any future improvements, and to just let it be.

My skin looks better than ever. Yes, very very weird. I agree.

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