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SA possibly being overlooked?

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I have a feeling that on this board, SA by itself is being overlooked as a very real way to control acne. People make posts about SA and BP but no one here seems to have tried Salicylic Acid by itself.

I used to use a similar form of the regimen (But replace a cleanser with an exfoliant) and it worked. My skin did clear up quite a bit, but never to the point that I wanted it to. I would still suffer from breakouts (However, they were not as bad as when I didnt use BP) and my face just didnt look as good as it could.

So then I started to do Botchla's regimen. And it worked more than the regimen I was using but it still did not clear me as much as I wanted. I decided to cut BP out all together and instead opted for a 2% salicylic acid gel.

For the past 3 weeks I have been using C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub in the morning and at night, and afterwards I apply a layer of C&C Invisible Blemish Treatment on my face.

The results so far have been incredible! My skin texture has improved, red marks have faded and I BARELY break out anymore (when I do it's a tiny pimple that usually goes away overnight). Oh and, a lot of blackheads have dissapeared. I can't wait for people at school to see me.

I'm not trying to push my regimen at all because what works for me may not work for everyone. I'm just wondering why people haven't really discussed/tried a regimen based soley on SA.

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I used BP for about 2 and a half years. My skin should have gotten used to it by then.

I guess it just doesn't work as well for me as it does for others!

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I like SA alot better then BP. You can use more of it without as much drying as BP. I use like 4 different SA products and I never have any irritation problems like I did only using one BP product. Also, BP keeps the red marks from healing, wear as SA helps them heal better... and in my case the red marks are more of a problem then the actual zits.

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I think ive become immune to BP. I actually use it as a moustireizer after using a SA wash because SA is so drying for my skin.

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bacteria cant get 'immune' to bp. It kills it on contact by causing an oyxgen-reaction to the p acnes bacteria which are anaereobic, aka dont survive in oxygen rich environments

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