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Can i use 2 moisturizers?

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I just started using Cetaphil Moisturizer(not the one with spf) and it really helps after i put on BP. I also have Proactiv moisturizer with spf. I was wondering if i can use the Cetaphil moisturizer at night and the Proactiv one in the morning since it has spf. Would this clog pores or cause pimples?

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That sounds fine, just make sure the Cetaphil is ok for acne prone skin. I read somewhere that the oil-free lotion has potential pore cloggers. I know for a fact the cream has oil. Check the ingredients here

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I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for dry, sensitive skin treatment at night, then I use Eucerin skin renewal w/ spf 15 during the day, since you want sunblock during the day, obviously. I checked the Cetaphil ingredients on zerozits.com and most of the ingredients were ranked 0 except for Cetearyl Alcohol + Ceteareth 20 which has a rank of 4 for Comedogenicity (pore clogging). I dunno how much 1 ingredient out of the whole bottle effects the actual lotion though. Maybe I should have got something that was especially designed for the face?

EDIT: I just checked the ingredients of the face moisturizer and it doesn't have any high ratings, maybe I should switch to that. Right now, I use the 3rd one down on this page http://www.cetaphil.com/product_information/moisturizers.cfm

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the first ingredients listed are the ones with a bigger percentage in the substance. so if theirs like a 4 ranked ingredient at the end of the list you shouldnt have to worry.

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