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advice-what to use

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hi there people i did try the regimen i use dermalogica and oxy on the spot 2.5% it made my skin very dry worked for about a week then stopped working now its just dry and im still getting spots.

so i have quit and just using dermalogica anti bac wash and oil free moisteriser,maybe i uswed the wrong bp? i notice even with out using it my skin still feels dry as my skin isnt oily anyway really.

i went on roaccutane years ago and my skin was heavenly for about a year,then BANG!!!! back tjose evil spots came.

my diet doesnt seem to make a difference.and i drink lots of water anyway.

help and advice greatly needed.

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Hi Kel.

You should try BP for a lot longer than just one week as your skin needs time to adjust. Suffering from redness/ dryness is very common and should lessen over time.

Of course using a really good moisturizer can help a lot. As BP can really dry you out, i suggest using EURCIEN renewel face cream with 5% urea...this cream totally helps the dryness of your face, plus soothes the skin. I actually use eurcien as a base then i use Garnier's PURE A moisturizer to help tightening pores- even my skin completition, and this contians SA which works throughout the day.

So try and go back on BP....but using eurcien after applying BP. Don't use too much BP (half a finger), start off with once a night....if after say 2-3 weeks you see no improvement then maybe use it twice a day. However if only using it once a day/ with eurcein still cause redness/ dryness then you know BP is reacting badly to your skin...so see your doctor.

Its simply a case of trail and error, something i'm always doing.

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sounds like u gave up too early, go back to bp and use small amounts for the first week and slowly ramp it up, im on week 5 and my face is about 75% clear, u need to be patient.

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i have bought that c&c black head scrub it is without the best face wash i have evr used,its fab!!!!!!

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