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Rash? Acne? Bug Bite?


I've had moderate acne for about three years now, and it's been a constant struggle. One thing I find majorly irritating is distinguishing pimples from other skin problems. For instance, I just visited a friend who recently dealt with a bedbug problem. We were very careful and made sure that I didn't bring any of them home, but I know that any bites I may have gotten while there would not show up for a few days.

So tonight I'm getting ready for bed and I noticed a cluster of red splotches on my back. They sort of look like pimples, but they also itch a little... so I thought they might be bug bites. But then I was doing some reading and apparently excess sweating and clothes can cause heat rash. My back did get fairly sweaty on my seven hour drive to and from my friend's apartment, so I'm wondering if it could just be that...

See how confusing this is?! It could be bug bites, but my back was never exposed while I slept. It could be a rash, because of the heat... but it doesn't exactly look or feel like a rash (and I didn't notice the excess redness until tonight.) And it could be pimples, but they've never clustered in such a condensed shape like that on my back.

I attached the URL of a picture so you could see what I'm talking about.




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that's an severe b.acne

Wear loose fitting clothes and don't apply body wash to back of your part for some days.

You call THAT severe? Even if it was bacne, which I can't tell if it is, it looks very mild.

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I think it's just the average back acne. They look lots like pimples :think:

Bites for bed bugs are much larger, and heat rashes take over a larger area of your body and look much different in texture.

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