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My acne is gone. Finally something worked! Had to post

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Hi Everyone,

I felt obligated to post because I've been completely acne and blackhead free for 3 weeks after starting a new little program. So let me start by saying I've had mild acne for about 7 years now (I'm 23) and nothing has every really made it go away. It got better when I didn't touch my face but i still usually had 3 or 4 pimples at a time and it just destroyed my self-esteem. I know people have it much worse but I am pretty attractive and nothing made me feel worse than having a breakout. I used to think stress / eating / exercise had everything to do with why I had all that crap on my face but now i realize that's not it. I'm not saying this will work for you but my skin is beautiful without one blackhead or pimple and it has been for weeks. I also never get that aggravated feeling on my face (you know that "active" pimple feeling that feels like a bruise and makes you want to pick your face all day?). I also get compliments everyday that my skin looks so vibrant and i look "fresh". Below is what I've been doing. Please note that I've experimented and water temp, frequency of washing (like if you go to the gym), and how hard I scrub and none of it seems to matter. WOO!

Wash my face with the St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub (the one with the salilcylic acid)

Wash my face again with the Clean and Clear oil-free facial cleanser

Lightly pat dry

Use cotton pads to apply the L'Oreal Hydrafresh Toner (alcohol free) in downward swipes on my face

Then I literally put a thin layer of Tea Tree oil from GNC all over my face and waited for it to dry.

Now that crap smells quite strong so i then put a thin layer of lavender oil from GNC on my face too (smells good and I hear it takes away redness)

After waiting a few minutes I apply a layer of Jojoba oil from GNC on my face and wait a few minutes

At this point your face will look like shiny plastic. At night, it doesn't matter because I'm going to bed but during the day i pat it until I only look slightly fresh.

Note: I shave every 3 days after a hot shower with the grain, using the clean and clear as "shaving cream" and I haven't had one ingrown hair which i used to get ALL THE TIME

Note 2: I got a pimple on my shoulder yesterday and put tea tree oil followed by the jojoba and then went to bed. POOF! This morning it's as if it was never there. SUCK IT ACNE!

So I don't recommend this for everyone as it might make you turn into a mutant or something but it has been MAGIC for me. I wish you all have the luck that I have had and let me know if you have any questions!


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