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so dry in the morning!

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Hi all I have been on the Regimen for 5 weeks as today and I don't have any active pimples at the moment biggrin.gif . I have a question about dryness. Every time I wake up I look like Goldmember, my whole face is dried out! I am up to the full dosage of BP and I moisturise day and night.

Do you dudes experience this? The problem is that even after moisturizing I still have little flakes of skin showing especially around my eyebrows and forehead…maybe I just need to try a better moisturiser that is recommended?


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I have had the same thing happen to me the first days I started using BP. I stopped for 2 days and then started again and now I'm fine. Just make sure you moisturize accordingly. Also, be sure you wait 10 - 15 min after washing to put BP on, then 5 - 10 after putting BP on to moisturize.


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Eucerin Skin Renewal w/SPF is good for moisturizing and regimen-approved. If you have a tendency toward oily skin to begin with, though, it will make you look & feel a bit oilier. (It does that to me, at least)

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I'm not even kidding here, this Almond Skin Oil Lotion works wonders. It looks like oil and it is oil. just 4 drops are enough to moisturize your face.

I use alot of BP and SA spray and my face is neve dry after washing or moisturizing.

more than likely your cleanser is drying you out too much.

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when people on the regimen complain of dryness I always tell them to check out their cleansing routine. These are some suggestions which may help:

* cleansing your face with your cleanser and water should take 10 seconds or less

* do not use hot water

* do not wet your face at other times...ie no standing with your face under the shower for 10 minutes, no splashing your face at the faucet etc etc

* consider changing from a bar to a ph balanced liquid cleanser (choice something from the recommended list - avoid fragranced products)

also don't use toners and avoid any skin products with alcohols

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BP would definitely dry your skin that's why some people use natural products like Tea tree oil. Maybe you should use a BP with a mixture of some moisturizing and soothing ingredients. The ones I found are here:

Paula Begoun Blemish Fighting Solution

Topix Benzaderm

Proactive Repairing Lotion

I have tried the Proactive BP and it didn't dry my skin but it's only average in controlling acne.

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