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I'm giving up.

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Well, it was a good run. 6 and a half months. My face is red. I still peel. I still break out. I have 2 painful white heads that I've just burst out of anger. Mostly with myself, because I can't understand why the regimen has NOT worked for me.

I'm going to book a doctors appointment tomorrow to go on Accutane. I can't be dealing with feeling like this. I'm only 18, yeah, that may be the case, it may just be hormones, who knows.

But I know one thing. I am not willing to go to Uni looking the way like I do right now. Not now, not ever.

Dan, if you're listening, thank you for giving me the hope I needed over these past few months, hoping it would work. I'm glad you have inspired many others to follow suit and I'm glad it has worked for them.

Just venting/trolling/whatever the hell I'm doing at the moment.

Feeling sucky. :(.

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sorry that the regimen didn't work for you...

If you're a female, why don't you talk about birth control pills with your doctor as opposed to accutane. most of my female friends cleared up greatly with birth control pills. Accutane isn't a long term treatment.

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It just might not work for everyone. However Dan's Regimen and products treated my acne and cleared it up in just a couple of days and has been about 95-99% clear since.

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