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is this severe acne?

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It looks pretty close to being severe.

In my case, the derm classified my face at one point as moderately severe and I had less acne than you have in that picture.

My back had moderately severe acne too, less pimples... but some cysts.

I think they just go by the amount of acne you have on your face not by if you have cysts or not.

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guys,what is a cyst?I am not a native English speaker and the pics I googled dont really show it closely..I may have it if you refer to something grainy i can feel under my skin...can u post a good example picture?

well the bad thing is that it seems i will have it forever because 1,5 treatment with accutane helped only for 2 years r and i will not go on it once more as I have a delicate liver.birth control did not work.nothing worked.I am depressed.

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A cyst is basically a big pimple... deep, with lots of pus (yellowish white stuff in it). I bet you had some of those.

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Maybe the accumulation of chronic moderate acne that might've bordered on severe at times? I don't know, but I bet you think it's way worse than it actually is. Believe me, you'll know when you have a cyst--they are painful deep under the skin zits that can linger for months and leave scars (and they aren't really the sort of zits that can be popped). You look like you have more hyper-pigmentation than actual acne at this point. Did you receive treatment for it or are you treating it on your own? Whatever your doing, it must be working 'cause it looks as if you've got it under control.

Don't worry--my sister's skin looked just like yours but it eventually evened out and became smooth after a couple years with no treatment whatsoever. Honestly, your scarring does not look severe (like indented or rolling etc) so all it's gonna take is time for these marks to fade. I'm not saying my sister's got the complexion of an airbrushed magazine model or anything (who does?) but these days she doesn't even wear make-up and if you saw her on the street, you wouldn't be thinking she'd suffered from chronic acne all through her teens and into her mid-20's. I only really noticed that her skin looked better after about 2 yrs, but I wasn't all that interested in her skin at the time, so it's not like I was watching for it. All I know is, after about 5 yrs you couldn't even tell that she used to suffer from acne.

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thank you guys

I may have cysts but not sure how deep it has to be to be called like this.look at the top of the photo,some seem to be forming there:P

btw i have trouble with white pimples forming in the same places over and over again,as if scarring was blocking outlets of my sabaceous glands so next one arrives just a few days after I squeeze the first.I always desinfect it and do it gently...i can not stop doing this because it would just be bigger and the scar will be the same anyway.I go out,I cant have something so disgusting in the middle of my face:)

It may be sick but the squezing those gives me somehat pleasure,as if I the fact that was keeping control over the situation was making me feel a little better :(

I have been using differin since march-but honestly ,no improvement..I also used some topical antibiotics like Davercin (I am not sure u knowit) or another local one with erytromycin but stronger-no effect

so i dropped it,I use Benoyl peroxide 10 per cent for w few days but nothing again:) i have been also using a BC,local version of Dianette but 2 months of using it did nothing to my skin ( i wonder how more time do I need to wait)

the strange this is its been similar each of the spring-summer seasons since 2009.every year in March I got a terrible breakout that got a little milder until November.Seems like my skin doesnt like summer?i dont really get it because here in Central Europe summers are not very hot usually


the thing is that this year it doesnt gradually go away,it stays the same bad since March,and in the last years there would be a baaad breakout and some retreat,gradual but visible,at this time.

so i am wondering if there is anything else i can do.

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Hey, if i didn't know any better I would think that was my face. It becomes the EXACT same way after a few days http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c214/Hol...urrent=acne.jpg Spreads like wild fire. Doesnt really come to head but dries up and weeps a clear or yellow liquid for the big ones.

I've tried literally EVERYTHING over the past 10 years and have found a perfect combo for me. Im virtually clear, 1 or 2 spots at a time now.

I've been to derms they put me on all kinds of topical and oral antibiotics and it did nothing. They didn't listen when I told them what I thought was causing it. I think it is a type of folliculitus caused by fungas. Its not caused by clogged pors.

If you want to PM me ill tell you what i've found that works best, no promises but I'm sure it will be way better off then the topical antibiotics.

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this is only a piece of my face but it all looks like this -forehead,jaw... .cleavage is a bit better but also looks similar

click to see the picture

yes, my derm says there is phases 1-4. 1 being minor blemishes, 4 being horrible acne & severe scarring. I was some where in between only, and though it was only a blemish, it was repetitive. The doc said the most recent blemish lead to a scar, and for that to be the case, he suggested phase 3. At the moment, he said I am in phase 2. Right now, I am in phase 1 at least in my opinion. Sadly, my good days where phase 2 according to a doctor. I really needed help a long time ago. It sucks if your family doesn't have money. Even worse, it sucks when your dermatologists gives you shit for free, and your family never took you to see a doc when you needed the help all cause of money. FML

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