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im an 18yr old guy and have had acne since i was 14...always have had moderate acne til i turned 17..eversince it was been severe acne...idk what to do anymore..i went to the derm..they give me antibiotics...all these topicals and nothing...ive gone natural and nothing....i eat healthy and drink only water....idk wat to do....im currently on epiduo and have been on it for about a month and a half...so far no good results..on the contrary ...getting worse like usual....i hate this so much...i dont feel like doing anything..i just go to school..come home and just stay home...this summer havent done anything other than just been home and occasionally go running when there is no people around...i cant take this depression much longer..please help......i notice there is alot of people on here that complain from having a bit of acne on their chin or something like that...trust me....thats nothing...be happy ur not filled with acne all over ur face and cysts on ur face and a bunch on ur neck....cuz thats me..

please help

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Hey bro, I know it is depressing. Especially when you have friends with no acne at all. You have to just know that you are not alone, everyone on these boards feels the same way. Acne does not define who you are and if people ever say anything to you, ignore them. Just be yourself, acne just happens to the best of us. Don't look in the mirror every second of your life, go out and live life. People will like you for you not because of acne on your face, just relax even though its hard and you will be fine, your acne will go away when you stop stressing, it only makes shit worse.

Seriously, I wish you the best of luck and don't let this get you down bro.

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you are not alone man! I HATE acne, but I feel like I give it too much power over me. It dictates when I leave the house, how I feel about myself and my beauty, and it completely enrages my emotions. Be strong, you are not alone and we are all beautiful in our own way, acne be damned

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it is so sad when you notice people of the opposite sex rejesting you while before the acne arrived you had many dates..only your skin changed and they are al turned off.... then you know u will not be attractive anymore ..

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I feel the exact same way! So depressing... My acne could always be worse, but you wouldn't know it from the way some of these people seem to think perfect skin is the norm while a zit or two calls for a round of accutane. God, sometimes this website can totally send me into a panic (have you seen the scar forum?); after seeing all these people with way better skin freaking out, I start to freak out! Suddenly, I feel as if I must do something drastic, ANYTHING, right now before it's too late (i often worry that it's already too late). But like you, I don't feel as if I get much help from the derm.

Maybe you could start a food diary (to figure out if certain foods break you out) or go on an anti-inflammation diet? I've been trying to remedy my situation through diet for awhile but I never really got serious about it 'till recently. Last week I completely cut out dairy and wheat (tried giving up sugar, but I recently noticed that wheat seemed to be the main ingredient in everything I suspected of breaking me out). By the second day, all my zits were flat--seriously, all the inflammation had slowly disappeared over 2 days, and it's stayed like this since last week (the only time I've ever gotten results like this was with a steady dose of NSAIDS). I'm on the verge of demanding a food intolerance/allergy test from my dr, but I dunno...I didn't actually expect the whole diet thing to actually work... Anyways, if you don't want to bother with a drastic diet change, definitely start taking fish oil everyday if you haven't already (it helps with inflammation).

BTW have you tried different antibiotics yet? Sometimes they can take longer than a month to kick in. Or maybe your derm needs to let you try some different ones? Maybe if you clue him in about how you're starting to feel hopeless (though don't overdo it) it might help convince him to address your situation more seriously.

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Guest davidtheskinking

An extreme case of candida could be causing your acne.

My recommendation is to get outside, even if you are just going for walks. Sun is good! vitamin d from the sun helps with both depression and helps the skin as well. Then, drink more water... as much as you can. There's a good chance you are dehydrated.

Begin eating healthier and continue on that path, I recommend avoiding all anti-biotics because these are killing both the good and bad bacteria in your body and if you have an extreme case of candida then the good bacteria in your gut needs to be replenished instead of killed!

There are so many things you can do.

Honestly though, the worst thing you can do is be depressed so stop focusing on being depressed because that will only keep you depressed. Work on changing your emotional state to a positive state even if it's slowly because just changing your emotional state to a positive emotional state will positively effect your skin because your body operates in a healthier state and your immune system works better because of this.

There is so much you can do, start watching vids, reading articles and learning at least when you are inside! There is a wealth of information online. Don't Quit! The only reason I got rid of my acne finally is because I didn't quit, kept learning and trying new things.

This will pass, just move forward and stay positive.


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Luis, I feel you, my acne started when I was around 13 and kept getting worse and worse as time progressed

I too had tried everything and was placed on antibiotics, retinoids etc. by a dermatologist, nothing work until I went on Accutane

If your acne is as bad as you say, you need to be placed on this drug

Please don't listen to all these people that sometimes speak just because they have mouths and try to scare you with this drug, Accutane really works

It works to the point that all you will need is a simple cleanser and moisturizer to see clear skin, nothing else

From personal experience I can tell you some dematologists suck and are n it for the money, i saw a couple who never made me aware of this drug, but they sure took my money with extractions, injections, estheticians in office, etc.

tell your dermatologisy nothing else has worked and you want to go on accutane, if he or she says no, go to someone else

all i can tell you, is it works and that there is hope, don't give up

i've been in your shoes and trust me, this stuff can clear you, let me know if you wanna chat

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i have really bad acne since i was 15. and the worst thing is im a girl. so you know what to expect. all my girlfriends and even my guy friends have no acne at all. only thing i feel glad about is none of them laughed at me at least in front of me. if your friends laugh at you about your acne leave them. thats not what you call "a friend".

anyway try accutane. i took it for 3 month at most and it cleared up my skin even though it all came back the next year. but i mean it totally worth a try. now i look back i really should listen to my doctor and take it longer.

you are not alone so dont feel sad and give yourself too much pressure!!

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