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Gluten in sauces ?

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Help, im trying to find out if gluten is in products like ketchup, barbecue sauce, maple syrup, etc. Just started a gluten-free diet and confused on this issue.

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Certainly can be. Read labels, check websites, google google google.

Gluten free prepared foods:

All classico red & white sauces (and there is an organic line)

Amy's Ketchup

Organic Ville Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ sauce, Chili Sauce, Dressings, practically everything they make. Good quality on everything except the dressing (soy oil). Available at Whole Foods.

I've never run into trouble with maple syrup, just make sure it's 100% pure - no 'flavors'

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Yeah ayla good advice. Only thing is that a bunch of celiac's react to anything Amy. All of her "gluten free" products are made right along side wheat products. But yeah gluten is in almost all sauces that aren't gluten free. Watch out for "natural flavors" or anything that isn't an actual food item, they put gluten in the sauces as a thickner and binder.

When I was younger I worked in a restaraunt where we had a tub of straight wheat gluten. They put it in all soups and anything to thicken things.

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Guest davidtheskinking

Ayla mentioned "amy's" that's a great brand that is all organic/vegan and they have quite a few gluten free products so look into that.

I also believe that there is even gluten free bread, I want to say ezekiel bread is gluten free.

Just focus on eating lot's of fruits and vegetables, and use google to find out whether something has gluten or not, it's your best friend in this case.

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Hi, I've been gluten free for over 3 years, maybe close to 4 now. Gluten can be in just about anything. In all honesty, I feel the best advice I can give is for you to buy a book called "Living Gluten Free for Dummies." It may be a little boring to read, but the knowledge you'll gain is so worth it.

Trust me, there is so many things that you can eat while being gluten free. And if you do it right, you'll end up being healthier due to all the many many varieties of grains you will begin to consume. Best of Luck!

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thanks a bunch. Hey are you guys avoiding gluten topically like in shampoos, soap, etc. Can it get absorbed by the skin ?

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I avoid gluten topically and internally. Although the word "avoid" really isn't strong enough for my case. One exposure and I'm sick for months. It's been about a month since I was accidentally exposed (made the stupid mistake of eating on a friend's plate while housesitting for her-it had been washed but if there was ever gluten on it, I'm done for. I had to buy all new plates)

From that alone I was sick the whole past month and got many nasty acne lesions on my skin. After being clear for SO long! It's amazing... how sensitive the body can be to something.

But I am a very severe case, probably about as severe as they come. It went far beyond acne for me, I almost died of my condition when I was younger.

But yeah. Sauces. As others have said, most processed sauces contain gluten. And even "gluten free" I'd be wary of if they were processed in the same facility with other gluten products. Many companies are getting better these days about letting you know this. You can decide for yourself, but at least while you're initially going off I'd recommend staying clear of anything that says "Made in the same facility as wheat, soy.. etc" because if you are in the early stage of clearing gluten from your diet, it's important you clear all of it. Otherwise what you're doing isn't much of a test, as you could still be ingesting trace gluten and being sickened by it.

Rather than worrying about all this stuff, and checking labels/calling companies, etc I find it's way easier to just MAKE YOUR OWN sauces. Seriously... most sauces are very simple and easy to create. And the only real way to have control over what you are ingesting is to make it yourself.

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