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I've come to a sad realization that I never want to have children BECAUSE of my acne. I feel like I have a lot of resentment, sometimes misplaced, towards my parents for having me despite both of them telling me that they were very depressed and quiet in high school and college until nearly the age of 25 due to their acne. My sister is four years older than me (24) and is still complaining about her skin, so I have that to look forward to as well for the next half decade for myself.

Due of my anger regarding that, I don't think I want to have children because I'm afraid of having them go through what I am going through. I don't want them to be depressed and feeling like shit all throughout their puberty to mid-20's like my dad, my mom, my sister, and I ALL did.

My girlfriend told me that she was chatting with her friends and that they had all mentioned my acne and the fact that if we had kids they would probably have to go through it and how bad it would be. That hurt quite a bit...


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Wow, your girlfriend probably shouldnt have mentioned that to you. I understand how your feeling, I have thought the same thing about having children - I dont want to put them through the pain I am going through. But I suppose our parents weren't really thinking about acne when they decided to have us (they were wanting a family, love, life etc). And when it comes to acne it is sometimes a genetic lottery regarding whether you will suffer from it or not. For instance I have pretty bad acne and now scars, while my brother has clear skin. Now thats UNFAIR.

I hope you feel better about this soon, and if not you could always adopt.

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I wish my Dad wouldn't of had sex with my Mom, but damn it, he did and I'm suffering from acne just like he did. I love my Dad though. He'll do anything for me. He's a good man but unfortunately, he gave me his acne unintentionally.

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Children are the beautiful manifestation of the love between a man and his lady. There is nothing in this world more pure and blissful than a smiling baby.

Im and pretty sure, that when your girlfriend gets pregnant, you will begin to realise the happiness you get from knowning that you and your girl just created a symbol of your love.

The child may get acne, or may not, but the child will be lucky for sure, because he/she will have parents with whom they can relate to. You can help you kid understand about acne from a young age, and teach them how to control it. You can also give them hope in life to help prevent depression.

I grew up with parents who didnt know anything about acne and were sometimes disturbed by it. I only wish my parents understood the pain i went through for so many years, and still go through. But im just not lucky enough to have parents who can relate to me in that sense, but your potential child will be lucky.

Please do not be afraid to bring your child into this world, just because of a mere skin condition. You can help them enjoy life and overlook their acne. :)

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I posted a similar article a few weeks back..."Im arriad my kids will get acne">

I already have a son who is 5 and he is so beautiful it hurts to think that he may (or may not, who can know?) go thru acne someday.

But you shouldnt base your decision to have children on such things.Yes my son may or may not have it but there will probably be much better treatments, maybe a cure by the time he is a teenager so I will just have to let it be.Anyhow he will at least have parent who is sympathetic and willing to listen so that is a plus.

btw, If your girlfriend is saying these shallow things already she may not be the one to marry....or shes young and not ready to be a Mom yet. Anyhow there area million conditions children are born with, with or without genetics involved, so any time ANY baby is concieved its a gamble isnt it?

Have kids if you want , or if you dont want to OK but dont make acne the end-all/be all.


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I know it's a gamble, but even the POSSIBILITY of a kid having to grow through this completely turns me away from having children. I look back on the past ten years of anger, bullying, frustration, and the feeling of a complete lack of control over my life and can't even begin to imagine passing these genes off onto some helpless kid.

And my parents are very helpful and understanding about my skin, but I never really felt like it helped. The second I step foot outside the world is a completely different place. I've learned to cope but I do still feel like I have to overcome EVERYONE'S assumptions when they first meet me as my acne is all they see at first.

Wow, your girlfriend probably shouldnt have mentioned that to you.
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Neither of my parents or even grandparents had acne, and I have moderate-severe acne. So it may or may not happen. I know that acne really does hit you hard with depression and such, but you can't let it rule your life and keep you from doing things you want to. (I struggle with this too)

It's a fight, but you have to find the strength to look past the damage your spots have and will cause, and just live your life to the fullest. Don't hold back on doing things you want to do because of your acne. :)

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I'm 30 and I have been dealing with acne for almost 18 years now. I already made the decision that I will not have my own biological kids. I am making a personal decision to not pass on my acne prone genes and make my future generations suffer this horrible skin condition. I don't see this as sad in any way. I might adopt a child when I feel I am financially and emotionally ready to become a father. I can see myself being a great father because of what I had to go through but I would rather not have my child also go through it. Every father just wants to protect their children.


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I hear you. I'm 23-years-old and have had acne since I was 12. I don't want to have kids in fear that they'll have acne too. Better yet, I should just forget about significant others...

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Just have kids, then when they hit puberty get them accutane, problem solved :clap:


My thoughts exactly! I wouldn't put my kid through the pain of cystic acne when I knew there was a way to fix it very easily!

Now, I wouldn't stick my 13/14 year old child on 80mg a day or anything, 20mg/day at the very most, depending on how bad they were. My acne got worse as I got older & after 18 so I'd deal with it as it was needed. If my children come to me to say they are getting spots, TO THE DERM! ;)

Why would you let your kid suffer when there are options?

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This lady that waxes my eyebrows that I see every two weeks told me that she used to have bad acne and then she had kids and it just vanished(:

besides, when you have kids, I'm sure alot more will matter then just your acne

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