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What best to reduce a red welt on jawline?

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I get these red welt like bumps on my jawline everyday lately and i'm wondering what product would respond the best to diminsh its size? They are not cyst like but are very red and almost resemble mosquito bites..I've tried sulfur, tea tree oil, clyndmcyin, epiduo, and tazorac,. I think BP is more effective for preventing them, as sal acid is too. I thought klaron or sulfur would be a better bed as I thought that helped with redness...There's so many products out there its hard to know what type of acne responds to what anymore

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Hey, would you say these bumps are "under the skin," or just garden-variety papules?

Everything you've listed seems like a good variety of things to try...sulfur is drying, while tea tree oil is a little drying but more antibacterial and healing. Salicylic acid is a good option I suppose, but at 2% some might find it pretty ineffective (I did anyway).

Honey, lemon juice, and sulfur at a high concentration are also possibilities. I personally love combining honey and sulfur together to use.

Truth be told, when you say "its hard to know what type of acne responds to what," there are general guidelines for treating cystic acne versus pustular, but whether or not your skin will respond to those treatments is completely individual. So you are right...and it can be a little frustrating, but you just have to keep trying and really test out these various products. You will find something.

Good luck :)

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thanks, they are generally only slightly raised and dont feel swollen. They are VERY red and look like a mosquito bite. Each day they get less red but are large..maybe the size of a pencil eraser. They are under my jaw and I swear every time I eat pasta or bread I get one although I tested negative for a gluten or wheat allergy..

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