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So I have had relatively stubborn acne for about 3 years, and I've cleared up almost completely.

I have a lot of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation like many of you, but for some reason mine will bleed at seemingly random times. It feels like a burning sensation on the marks, followed by blood coming out of the pore and often times the scar will spread or look worse afterwords. I talked to my Physician, who gave me a topical combination of BP and Clindamycin, and told me to see a dermatologist.

The Benzaclin made my scarring and bleeding a lot worse, so I had to stop using it. I haven't been prescribed with anything else after that. I'm also unable to see a dermatologist right now, as even when my physician calls them, every dermatologist in the area is unable to set up any appointments within 6 months from now :confused: .

I'm using home scarring remedies (honey-oatmeal masks, drinking and applying green tea, ice cubes), but none of them appear to be having any effect.

Neither me nor my physician know what this actually is, but I have linked much of the bleeding to going out in the sun, and we've addressed my increased photo sensitivity. It's just the scars keep bleeding and won't heal, and it's been getting worse and worse.

Thanks in advance for your advice. This indeed is a puzzling case :think: .

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Shameless self bump :P

Could somebody please reply? I've had this for months now and it isn't getting any better. It's painful, frightening, and makes my face look like shit.

Sorry if I'm coming off as desperate or melodramatic, it's just this topics been on for a while now.

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