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Inducing swelling via Dermarolling/stamping

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I don't have that much knowledge of Dermarolling/stamping, and was hoping if some of the vets could answer my questions.

Typically how long does your micro-swelling last after a roll?

Can you successfully induce swelling on a regular basis by rolling without damaging your scars in the long run? I'm expecting there will be redness post roll, but can it be toned down a notch and just roll to induce enough swelling that will last a couple days or so, with zero down time? and then just roll for maintenance? Or is this just not possible, or too risky?

And what would be a better approach for myself if I am just treating my temples? I got some boxcars and rolling scars, and some deep pits...

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are you saying you want to create a permanent swelling effect that reduces the appearance of your scars? Your question is slightly confusing.

If that is what you are asking - Inflammation is definitely not good for your skin (though we tolerate the inflammation that accompanies many treatments because of the results that come afterward). Not only would you be damaging your scars, but you would be damaging your non-scarred tissue as well. I'm not sure what the outcome of this damage would be, however. There are doctors that claim that inflammation in the skin leads to accelerated aging.

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