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Any used Tretinoin and NOT gotten an IB???

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I REALLY need some encouragement here!!! A lot of you have probably seen that I've become a rather frequent poster on this site. At the age of 32, I've been dealing with persistant acne for the past 6 months. I don't have a lot of spots, but when I do get them they tend to be large and have left me with hyperpigmintaion and scars. This has consumed my life. I've never been an overly anxious person, I've never had any serious depression issues and I have a wonderful supportive family. This skin issue has made me a completely different person. For the fist time in my life I'm having significant mental health issues that I really feel would be resolved if I could just get clear. ANYWAYS, I was prescribed Differin, which made me react immediately and I got scared. I was then prescribed the lower does of Differin, but was too nervous to use it. I was just given Retisol A and should be using it, but I'm so nervous about the IB that I havn't. I don't want more scars. I feel totally helpless because I want so badly to manage this, but I'm so nervous that I'm at a stand still. So much of what I have read are horror stories about terrible IBs that take forever to resolve. Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid the IB? Has anyone used this and not experienced an IB? Are there any other products that people find have worked that are not associated with an IB? Positive experiences would be appreciated!! Please help.

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i dont think i had an IB. Or if i did it was no worse than how my skin was to begin with. but my skin did look terrible for the first 2-3 weeks due to a combination of spots & incredible dryness. good luck. apparently we have to persist with this stuff for like 12 weeks to see results!

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I'm seriously trying to decide if the anxiety is worth it or if I should just ask my derm if there is a treatment that doesn't include retinoids. I did ask her about birth control, but she was really hesitant... I'm not sure why. Maybe because I'm almost 33 and some say you shouldn't be on them past 35?? I'm not a smoker or anything.

I think that she feels retinoids are the best option for me because I have some pigmentaion and I'm also REALLY freckled. She did mention that it would help fade "those freckles". I've had my freckles my whole life though and I'm okay with them provided I'm not full of zits at the same time!! My 9 year old, who has always been caked in sunscreen has them too... I guess it's our Scottish roots.

I was also given Clindoxyl to "spot treat", but because I wasn't using the other topicals I've been putting it all over my problem areas recently. It's too early to tell if it will help prevent anything, but it hasn't been causing me irritation. Is this okay to do?

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