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Why would blue lights acne lamps not cause cancer if mobile phones might?

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I'm thinking of buying a blue light acne lamp to help my acne since it sounds pretty great,

you can use it simultaniously with your topical creams and everything.

What I wonder to myself is:

Some research shows that moblie phones might contribute to cancer growth,

now, I DON'T want to make this article about whether mobile phones are dangerous.

what I can say is, visible light is higher frequency and higher energy radiation the mobile phones,

and the blue light lamps for acne iare pretty powerful.

Is there some a reason why moblile phones are sometimes considered dangerous

but ance blue light lamps are considered safe? is there a difference in the radiation?

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The problem with cell phones isn't the light. It's the radiofrequency energy emitted from them. This energy (radio waves) is a form radiation, and is thought to increase the risk of cancer/tumors.

It has absolutely nothing to do with light. The reason that light is a concern is when it comes with ultraviolet radiation (like from the sun or tanning beds). Light therapy lamps either do not emit UV at all or filter it out, so they are considered to be safe in respects to cancer.

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I appreciate you answer but I wasn't worried abput the light emmited fro cell phones.

Take a look at the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation:

ElectroMagnteic Radiation Spectrum

Light waves carry more energy than radio waves (Have higher frequency)

I can guess that normally this doesn't effect us because light isn't emmited at us at high doses.

The question is if Blue-Light threpy and its relatives don't emit too much energy.

I know this isn't Ionizing-energy, but cell phones aren't either, I'm not saying the risk is high,

but I'm wondering what the risk is and if there's any reason for us to be worried about

cell phones but not worried about Blue light therapy.

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