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Guest davidtheskinking

Hydrogen Peroxide For Extreme Acne Breakouts

Guest davidtheskinking

I discovered this online but dug deeper and found that you want to use food grade hydrogen peroxide and to dilute it.

If you have bad acne, redness, inflammation or anything else that is protruding from the skin this will probably help.

Hydrogen peroxide is very touchy though, if you get food grade be careful and dilute it and don't get it near your eyes because this could be very bad, it's strong.

Food grade is just free of preservatives so by using this it's more effective,

Hydrogen peroxide is 1 molecule different than water....

It's 2 parts hydrogen and 2 parts oxygen, whereas water is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.

Here is a video I made explaining how to use hydrogen peroxide:

*moderator edit*

I recommend diluting hydrogen peroxide in half, so fill a small bottle with a few droppers of hydrogen peroxide and the rest with water... like 10 to 15% instead of 35%

And in the video I explained the molecular structure of it wrong... oops! lol It's 2 parts of each molecule.

Hope that this helps you out! It has worked for me, even when you get small breakouts every once in a while you can put this on it and it works very quickly... overnight it can shrink the appearance of acne.

Also, keep this bottle of hydrogen peroxide (both the food grade & diluted bottle) in the fridge, it needs to be in a cool environment for some reason! not exactly why but that's what i've read and been told so I believe them! lol

Let me know if you've tried hydrogen peroxide out and what your results have been!



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In my experience, this works decently well in terms of treating picked acne. The skin needs to be opened up for anything to happen -- the 'bubbling' that you can see that means it's working is a byproduct of its degradation by catalase, which isn't on the outside of your skin. However, I tried this for a month as a stand-alone preventative thing, and HP seemed to have no effectiveness preventing new spots. In my experience, applying it to a picked spot will lead to a scab; this isn't 'bad', because if you leave it alone you will be left with only a faint red mark a week later, but you will walk around with a scab on your face for a while and picking a scab could scar.

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Guest davidtheskinking

I've used it for new pimples before too, it bubbles up and brings oxygen to it and turns it white... then let it sit for 15 minutes or so...

Then wash your face and it's drastically reduced.

The inflammation at least.

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I use it as a spot treatment for pimples and on my t-zone to control the oil in that area, especially during the summer. It really helps to keep my t-zone free of clogged pores. A lot of people advocate against using it, but it works well for me and I intend to keep using it.

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