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why Roacutane did not work for me?

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Is anybody of you in a similar situation?

I took two rounds of it,one I stopped half-way because of bad headaches but as my acne came back shortly afterwards I took another one and did not pay attention to side effects and I was clear for 2 years.It gradually came back and 3 years after the treatment I was looking even worse than before accutane. I have been fighting acne for 12 years( I am 24 yrs old so the whole adolescence and my adult life so far),I was also on BC pill Yasminelle and the improvement was only slight,not really worth it .I have been on dianette now for 2 months and nothing!(should I stop Dianette?)

My hormones do not go beyond the norm (only the high-normal range of DHEA-s)so it seems to be not hormone-related.

it is so bad you cant hide it with make up, I started retreating from life and avoiding dates as I am so ashamed that my skin gets disgustingly oily after 30 minutes from washing and I just want to hide at home...the minerals make up floats off my face quickly together with the sebum so there is no way to hide it...

I cant go camping across Europe as I dream because the sweat and lack of constant washing make my face look so bad I cant look people in the eye and I can feel painful cysts formulating.It is literally holding me back.

there is no way out.

Some of you say that Differin dried their face and my face is oily and has not even a trace of dryness after 30 minutes from putting large amount of it.HOW more oily can one be?

SO this is certainly sebum-excretion related problem,no antibiotic helped ,no topical retinoid helped,accutane helps for 2 years so whats the point if it will come back anyway?I lost half of my hair and stopped tolerating contact lenses for years afterwards.

It has been 5 years since the treatment with accutane but I dont know If i am ready to poison myself once more.If one takes it three times it seems to be very probable that I will have some very serious side effects some day...

I am just helpless

my derm says the only thing that can work is another roacutane treatment...

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Actually, I've read that hormones are the main thing that control sebum secretion and production. Have you tried Spiro in addition to your birth control? Some women around here seem to be taking tons of it, and many of them--including some former accutane users--credit it with keeping them clear (and lowering their oil production). I dunno though, maybe since you're bringing up DHEA levels and whatnot, you've already tried it?

But I am wondering, are you by any chance rich? If so, check out the post titled "Guys, it's a timeline." The timeline is actually located in her profile gallery, btw. This chick was able to eradicate that acne with a combo of stuff--none of which involved accutane (she explains how in a reply on her post). If by some chance you, or your parents, got some buckets of cash lying around, well maybe you could just blow it on this (seems worth it if you got it).

One thing I can recommend for sure though, is a better foundation. Check out Illuminare Ultimate Finish liquid mineral foundation. This stuff is as non-comodogenic as it gets, but it offers good coverage and is basically waterproof (the finish is like a powder). Of course, it's also $27 a tube, hard to apply if you're not used to it, and only offered in limited shades, so it has it's drawbacks (i have to buy 2 shades and mix but I only have to buy like, once a year). You can order a $10 sample pack off their website if you're interested.

Anyways, I hope you find something that works for you, whether it's accutane or not. I am in a similar situation, 'cept I'm 26, haven't actually taken accutane yet (just did all the bloodwork yesterday), and don't know shit about my DHEA levels...

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thank you..

I am wondering: Is Spiro more effective and safer than Dianette?

My gyno said that her patients taking Spiro did not find it that effective so she prescribed me Dianette..Or maybe she just hides her ignorance about this drug because I asked about it when she was about to prescribe me this fuckin* dangerous Dianette

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No. You can take it alone (and yes it's safer than bc), but Spiro is considered to be a lot more effective when taken with birth control--and a lot of people say it's only effective in doses of 100mg (though I think this just depends on your biology). I've been on 50mgs for only a few weeks and I can't really tell if it's helping (but FYI: it's supposed to take up to three months to work) but I don't really like it--I've been having a weird side effects from it (in fact, I stopped taking it for a couple of days, but my dr wanted me to try again) . Basically, I'm only continuing to take it right now because I can tell my hormones need all the help they can get to stay regular, and I just haven't gotten up the courage to start the new bc I'm sitting on. I feel like I've really f-ed up my hormones trying different bc's lately, so I wanna mess with them as little as possible right now...

But, yeah, I would definitely give bc and/or spiro a try for at least 3 consecutive months (maybe more) before resorting to accutane if I were you. If your acne is coming back worse than before and you've already had 1.5 rounds, then perhaps your problem is primarily hormonal. Plus, at least with bc and/or spiro the side effects are temporary; the same could not be said of accutane for some people (and I too, have heard that the chances of them affecting you increase with repeat rounds). I think Dianette might already have anti-androgen properties in it, but I'm not sure--I've never taken that one. You should search the posts in the hormonal section--there's a lot of useful info in there, but keep in mind that everyone's individual biology differs, so what doesn't work for some people might actually end up working for you.

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tell me what doses of spironolactone do you take?my gyno is not trustworthy so I will just take prescription and dose it myself. do you take it alone and it works?

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