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When I was 12 years old I was introduced to the fresh pimples forming on my virgin skin. I didn't dare touch it, the concept was so forbidden to me. But soon, there where more.. INVITING me to touch them, explore them, POP them. I did not hesitate to attack, and soon enough they were all open wounds. I thought that I had done the right thing and patted myself on the back for a job well done, I defeated those nasty things and got a memory of a lifetime. The next morning they were scabs, throbbing at the seams and I couldn't help but poke and prod. I ended up cooped in my room from embarrassment and shame. I swore to never do that again...

Ever since that day I have had a problem, a picking problem. It is BAD. Now I actually farm pimples (not on purpose) because of my obsession with blackheads. I search for blackheads on my nose and squeeze until I see that something has come out. I get SATISFACTION from this, you can't tell me that isn't sick. (I can't even talk to someone without looking at their nose to find blackheads, but it's a mistake because when I find some I have the urge to squeeze and pop them.) The day after the squeezing I almost always end up with a red, horrifying pimple.. ON MY NOSE. So I figure I'll leave it alone and let it go away.. I can only go a MAX of 2 days without touching it. So temptation has set and I am so disgusted I HAVE to get this crap out. I end up with an open wound and the cycle starts again.. Only this time I can't leave those darn scabs alone. Oh did I mention that everyday I'd get asked "Hey, what's that on your nose??". I keep picking day after day and somehow, finally, it goes away. Then I have a scar! Which is way easier to cover up with makeup, but you ALWAYS have to wear makeup. The cycle is never ending and I'm tired of having to worry about my face.

Does anyone else suffer from this, and how can I STOP this?!

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mmmm 12 year old virgin skin,

haha jk jk.

But you have to tell your self before you pop them, If i pop you ill never get rid of you.

which is true.

im on day 39 of the "100 No Picking Challenge"

and my skin greatly improved.

my face has been in so much less pain and i havnt bleed from my face by popping pimples my self in 39 days :)

really it comes down to whos tougher, you or a pimple?

your going to have to tell your self that ill never get rid of acne if i keep popping them.

Then after you think of that picture your face is in your 30s full of acne :think:

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Its simple... you have to tell yourself. If you continue to irritate your face its not going to get better. If you truly want it to get better you will not touch them at all. It will be hard at first as it was for me. But now I get scared to even put my hands on my face.

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