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Can using topicals while on Accutane slow Accutane's effectivness?

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I don't think so....

I'm on day 19. And Accutane hasn't really "kicked in" for me yet. I barely even have dry lips.

I don't want to stop things like benzaclin yet. I can't walk around with a face like a pizza while Accutane takes its sweet time begining to work. Thoughts you guys?

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I am not a doctor but topicals will not effect accutane anyway at all. Accutane works by reducing oil production (sebum) by reducing sebaceous glands, decreasing cell build up leading to whiteheads or blackheads, killing acne bacteria deep inside the skin, and reducing inflammation. This works inside the body so topicals will have no effect on it.

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my doc said to use duac while on accutane.

Your doctor was wrong. You should not be using any topicals while taking Accutane. Accutane dries you out severely. The only thing you should be putting on your face is cleanser, sunblock, and a thick moisturizer. No dual, no benzoyl peroxide, nothing. Just leave your skin alone. Trust me on this one, Gina. You will burn your skin or irritate it severely if you mess with any topical cream. Just let Accutane run its course. It works.

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