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Accutane 2nd dose timeline

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Hello everyone. My name is Taylor and I am a sufferer of acne. I have had acne since 7th grade, being in 12th grade now, and would always been extremely self-concious about it. I took accutane for the first time in freshmen year and had the best results. I did not have any noticeable acne for about 1.5 years. it was fantastic.

A couple months ago, I started having severe breakouts again. I held off on going on accutane because of the dryness, but decided to go on it again once multiple cysts began appearing. So, I am going to show the format that I will use weekly to show progress and/or basic information. Feel free to ask questions though. I will post pictures occasionally as well!


Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 205lbs

Skin (start): Cysts and moderate discoloration from previous acne

Notes: I am nervous about starting accutane again, but look forward to about 3-4 months when my results will be extremely noticeable. Since this is my second dose, my derm says it will take less time to dry out my pores.

I will be using Cerave cleanser and moisturizer, along with Burt's Bees lip balm, aquafor, and Vaseline when needed.

Wish me luck and please post questions about anything, including my previous accutane course or my experiences on this second dose.

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how long did it take to dry out your pores first time around

Accutane is a roller coaster; you will be great for a week, then awful the next. That is just how it is. My pores were finally dry and clean about the fourth month or so, that's without any major breakouts.

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What do you think went wrong with the 1st course?

Are the breakouts you have now as bad as the breakouts before your 1st course?

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