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topical captopril

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i recently gave topical captopril (blood pressure medication) a try on my scars after hearing it worked well on scar tissue - particularly raised. as the experiments are still continuing and even the docs working on it are not sure what to expect, i guinea pigged myself for the study and emailled the doc in charge regularly.

i noticed the areas of scarring would shed a layer of skin each day, leaving it very red, whilst the surrounding skin would remain fine. i gave up trying it out purely due to the insane redness.

now with the help of makeup and a new found desire to improve my skin, i cannot wonder if the continued and rapid peeling may lead to the scar tissue being shed away quickly.

the only thing turning me off giving it another try is, since it is dissolving the scar tissue - at least its what it sounds like it would be doing, whether fresh skin would be formed in its place, as you would with a peel and collagen reforms/rebuilds, or whether i would be left with large defects where the scars once were.

my compounding pharmacist says the study is quite interesting, as did my local GP. they both agree it is a change to the view that scarring is a dead/ solid piece of inactive tissue into something that is continually evolving and responding to change.

i'd be curious to hear what your take on this is :)

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I can see this being an interesting alternative to cutting the scars out. Just use this stuff until the scar tissue is gone then let it heal and hope for the best! That way you won't have the risk of making a bigger scar when you excize it as this stuff seems to leave the surrounding skin unaffected. In combination with a true anti-scarring agent this would be awesome.

Right now however without the anti-scarring agent, if you'd take away the tissue, I think you'd either get a slightly better looking one or one that's exactly the same... Either way I wouldn't expect miracles. However small changes in appearance for the better can make a world of difference for your self-esteem!

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