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how can you guys moisturize after?

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I don't mind doing the regimen during the evening cause i just go straight to bed...mositurizing helps my skin and makes it look great BUT

when i start my day in the morning I just want want to moisturize cause moisturizing makes me look so oily?...is that normal?....its like my skin doesnt absorb it properly, and i am not even putting alot on.....when I look at dans videos of him moisturizing, he puts tons on, rubs it on and then looks like nothing is on his face. when i do it and finish, looks like i am an oily shiny mess?

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Also that video was with his old moisturizer. It's a different formula now. I also feel like it doesn't fully absorb.. Ever.. But it still works despite that fact. It's normal for your face to look oily but let it sit for 30 minutes or so then very gently dab with a clean tissue and you can remove some of the oil from the worst spots. Leave it otherwise, it is protecting your face from getting dry and chapped.

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Yeah, I'm always slightly over-zealous with my moisturizer kind of on purpose. A little too much is better than not quite enough, imo. Then I just blot later.

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