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Okay here's how it goes everyday weekend! FRIEND:Hey we should hang out this weekend and go do something. ME:Ummm i can't i have to baby sit :o. lol this is how my convos with my friends are. I always make excuses and bail on them. I don't want my friends to think im ignoreing them or dont want to hangout with them. I just don't have the nerve to tell them the truth. The truth is i stay home alot cause of my acne. I never go out like dead serious. Only time i go out for some fresh air is when i have to take out the trash lol. But this is only when i have really bad break outs & lately thats all ive been getting break out after break out. I don't even reconize my self when i look in the mirror how sad is that. But seriously my friends mean alot to me and i just dont want them to see me all depressed and i know they wouldn't care about how my face looks like but i do. Espically with the female friends. I bail on them like all the time cause i get so darn nervous when im around beautifull women idk why. I was never like this before i had acne.. Acne and screwed me over and puked me out blahhhhhhhhhhh :o

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I was the same way. It took me a few years to realize I have acne and to just face the music. If my friends hate me cause of my acne so be it. Some of your friends might not like you anymore bc of it, I lost one of my good friends because I used to flirt with her all the time etc, and I lost a lot of my self confidence. On top of that I have acne. I'm pretty sure I lost her because of this. Some have accepted me for it though. But you really have two options, sit on your as* not going out or doing anything and wait for it to clear up and hang onto the hope of keeping your friends etc. Or option B to man up and go out and possibly losing your friends and getting rejected bc of your self esteem and acne. I got sick of option A and got sick of wasting my life away. Tbh, I feel more at ease when I chose option B. But it doesn't feel good getting rejected either or facing the actual reality of the situation.

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