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Been having acne for years. People always said its fine and that they dont really noticeable but I know its there and if I can get rid of it why not? I feel it will ruin my face in the long run (im 24). They are mostly on my forehead. I wear alot of hats. Does dirt from the hat or covering up my forhead affect it?

Anything you suggest? I use neutrogena acne wash just to clean my face but it hasn't really done anything. Haven't have time to go to a dermatologist but i will soon. I am african american so i know products work different with dark skin. I dont wanna use cream to lighten it but something to wash away the dead skin and the marks.

I was thinking microdermabrasion. Anybody know whats best for the dark spots first. Pimples arent often but I have those to I guess if i get rid of those I can prevent more dark spots. I attached photos as well. Thanks for listening






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I have exactly the same problem. I too am African-American and have alot dark marks on my forehead as well. I wear hats to cover it up.

But ive tried almost everything and nothing truly ever makes it fade. (except time, which takes forever).

Ive tried AHA glycolic acid 10% (did nothing for me)

Hydroquinone (once again did nothing for me)

some bleach cream (nothing)

also even though this is not for marks, the BP on this site has done nothing for my acne pimples I get sometimes. Every damn pimple I get (even the smallest will always leave a mark no matter what)

so frustrated (the last thing im about to try is a Strong acid peel but that probably wont do anything as well)

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yea i understand your situation as you can see from my pics. A peel will take off the skin and probably get rid of the marks but I just heard alot of things about it that its painful and takes a while to heal(have to stay inside all day).

Hopefully someone else responds and helps us both.

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hi mate i too im African-American and trust me this stuff kinda eat my self esteem i have the same amount on the cheek and a large dark patch under both my eye is fck hard to socialize in this condition with people

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Bro. here it is what u have to do exactly. This is applied by me personally and have seen lots of improvement. This is a home remedy and i taking the risk experimented on me which works perfectly great for me my skin is fairer than before, glowing a lot, dark spots reduced some of them totally disappeared and skin got smooth like never before.

Pros: skin glowed :dance:

dark spots reduced and disappeared

skin smooth

cons: stinks till u apply on face :wacko:

Bottom line: Do exactly as i did. Wash face with hot water before applying this for 10 min. Take a small bowl. Put i teaspoon of honey, one lemon juice, cream from milk (which appeared on milk surface). Mix it thoroughly and apply it on face and massage it for 15 min make sure u wash face with hot water first before applying this because hot water open the pores of your face. After applying this mixture cut a slice of lemon again and message directly on dark spots area for another 10 min. leave the face for few min. and finally wash face with cold water. U will definitely see difference from day one as it also depends upon person to person skin it might take long too for u.

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