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Egg white mask or honey mask?

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I've read around and have found out that these 2 are probably my best options for clearing red marks. But, which one should I use and how often? Should I use both?

Also, for the honey mask I plan to pour a bunch of honey into a little bowl and spread it around my face with my hands and leave it on over night. Is this the right way to do it?

Same thing with the egg white mask... I'll break open a few eggs and play around with them trying to get only the white, then whip it up a little until it gets frothy and apply it to my face with clean hands and leave it on oer night.. Good or bad?

Whichever one I choose to do will be done after I shower & cleanse my face at night before bed.

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I'd say give both a try, but leave a few days in between so if either one works better than the other or happens to break you out you'll know the culprit. The one you choose (or choose to do first) depends on what you want to achieve. Egg white is to unclog and tighten pores, whereas honey is to reduce inflamation and discolouration.

Because I am full of cold AND hayfever (read: have no life :boohoo: ) I am sat here on a Saturday night with manuka honey 'factor' (or however you call it) UMF15 smeared all over my face, for the first time I might add. Seemed pretty straightforward; just cleanse, pat VERY gently so the skin isn't dripping wet but still retains enough moisture, then smear on 2 or 3 teaspoons of the lovely sticky golden stuff! I'm going to leave it on for an hour and then wash off with warm water. Leave it on overnight at your peril! Unless you can guarantee sleeping the whole night on your back I wouldn't recommend it unless you happen to enjoy waking up with the pillow literally glued to your face.

The egg white mask, you can leave it on overnight (it dries, unlike the honey) or you can apply it, stick toilet paper to it, apply another layer on top of the toilet paper, and then leave it to dry, after which you simply peel it off.

My acne is only partially active atm (a few pustules, a few whiteheads, lots of blackheads) but I have severe scarring and pitting, in addition to macules/PIH, hyperpigmentation and depigmentation, all over my entire face. Because my scarring is so extensive I am not expecting ANY treatment to produce overnight results, and even if that were to happen I'd be realistic about it and chalk it down to my skin just enjoying something the novelty factor. I would suggest two honey masks and two egg white masks per week for the next couple of weeks and then see.


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Haven't been here for a while and thought I'd see what's going on in these forums and I see a topic like this and thought I'd come in and post how honey masks haven't done anything for my acne, then I realized it's my own topic. I made this a while ago and it took a month to get an answer.

Anyways, honey mask hasn't done anything for my acne. Then again, nothing has, but whatever. I haven't tried egg white masks yet though.

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The only thing that has really helped was going to the beach last week in 103 degree weather with no sun block. My face/body was sunburned and my red marks didn't look as noticeable at all. The thing is, the sun burn has faded, but I'm still kinda tan which still helps the appearance. It actually looks my my red marks are finally starting to heal, but I doubt it.

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