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Possibly infected again? Leave it alone? Or is it a scar bump.

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Squeezed really hard on a pimple a few days ago... it came out - the next day one formed beside it I'm guessing from the irritation, the area a bit swollen, managed to squeeze it out too.

Now another 2 days later the area doesn't look raised, but it's a little red with PIH. I put my finger over it, there's a bump that hurts a little if I push it against cheek bone...

Is it probably a stuck blackhead/whitehead underneath? Or can hypertropic/solid scars hurt and form within a few days

I've been applying pure Aloe, tee trea oil/lavander, then massaging polysporin cream onto it, leave it alone for 10 minutes, then cover it with a dab of Manuka honey.

I'm guessing I should keep applying this stuff and ABSOLUTELY NOT try to get the possible remaining blackhead out (if there is one). I stress over acne abnormalities, or when they keep getting infected.

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Sorry hun, but this is not a blackhead. This is just what happens when you pop a zit that's not ready. That crap you were trying to push out really hard? Well, not all of it came out, and the pressure you kept applying caused it to rupture under the skin. As a result, you've just spread the infection and got a brand new zit for your trouble--be glad it's only one! Don't worry, everyone learns this lesson at one point, and you've definitely done the right thing by leaving it alone and applying polysporin, tea trea oil, and manuku. All these things are great, by the way, except the lavender (it's an irritant). Just try not to overdo it with the tea tree oil. It'll go away or come to a head eventually, but you just gotta be patient.

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