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Excision is my final option for help

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After having 7 fraxel restores, 3 subcisions, stamping for months, using an endless range of serums and creams and lotions, and just taking care of my skin for years. Eating healthy, popping vitamins. EVERYTHING! My boxcar scars are there and very noticeable. All the treatments did help a lot with the severe redness in my scars. Had this redness for a long time, can't remember exactly but over a year and wasnt getting better. But in terms of depth and shape, these scars are still as aweful as ever and it kills me.

I'm so afraid of excision. Ive met with some 'top' plastic surgeons. Some were willing, some unwilling to perform excision as some were worried theyd make things worse. Half that said they were very reluctant said I should get fillers but they just can't understand the fact that firstly, fillers may not work and cost 500 dollars and secondly, it's at best, a temporary treatment.

What if i get excision and things are worse? At that point it is possible to redo excision but any surgeon will tell you that things get very messy by that point. Do I excise the scars individually or in groups? My scars are very close to one another so if I opt to treat them individually then won't be awkward because theres like 2mm between scars and how are you supposed to cut around the scars and stitch them. You'd have to almost cut into the neighbouring scar to?

Gosh. I would be happy with little line scars on my face that look like cuts or scratched but to have these caves on my face is so so upsetting. Seeing pics of myself and just seeing how my face is so jagged and uneven and there's no smoothness on my cheeks at all.

Advice please. Ahhhh :doubt:

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how many excisions are we talking here? id say that would be the least desirable route... every plastic surgeon who ive spoken to about excisions have said no as they believe it will simply replace a scar with a scar, that would be just as noticable.

unfortunately medical science hasnt reached that point yet where they can perfect any new scarring. have you tried medium depth peels or maybe CO2 lasers? ***the fraxel restores you had rarely work on anyone, but that shouldnt put you off any other kind of laser treatment***

im looking into lotions and potions for mine too and am not too impressed with the results of any, hence the peels. im going to slowly burn away the dodgy things in a safe and affordable manner :) - if it works that is.

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Hi! Ive had 2 excisions on 2 different types of scar on my face

One was literally a lump- from a cyst i'd stupidly picked and picked at. i had it excised, it looked lovely for a few weeks then the scar developed back to how it had originally been, slightly better though. Definitely no worse and there is no sign at all of any surgical straight line (i managed to flatten the scar in the end with alternative treatments)

The other was a large pitted mess from a head wound. I ended up with a linear scar and an uneven 'step' between the two sides. I had it excised again, bear in mind each excision necessarily made it a couple mm longer. I ended up with a linear scar and its an ongoing battle to reduce that scar HOWEVER the linear scar was a LOT better than the mess that looked like i'd been shot in the forehead!!! So i have never regretted that side of it. Plus you can make up so many more excuses for a surgical scar, if you have emotional things or shame connected to the scar, sometimes changing the scar to a different type can make a huge diffeence.

Hope that helped somewhat

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i wish u the besst of luck as exicsion is definitley a tough path to go. Who knows what if it corrects ur scars in a way that u have been waiting for all this time. Good luck!

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