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im wayy tooo depresseeedd

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im an 18 yr old guy and have had acne for over 4 years...about a month ago i went to the derm and he gave me epiduo...ive heard that it causes an initial breakout so i was somewhat prepared for it..in the first week and a half, i got a lot of cysts and acne all over my face and neck...now im a month in this epiduo and i still breakout..but not as much as i did that first week..however..every day i wake up with two more cysts or so....i hate my life..my face hurts..and i called my derm and he said its normal for this to happen...idk...im cluelesss on what to do...

btw...i eat healthy..take vitamins....drink only water and lots of it

wtat do i have to do...

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I'm going to my doctor 2moro for mild, occasionally moderate acne. Hell either fix it, or decided to send me to a derm. I was hoping hed prescribe me some Vitamin supplements like B5, K, A, and E. ALthough If he doesnt I can proaably go to the helath store.....

If he decides to give me BC or Epiduo, I will most definately deny it. I cant handle BP, and I just dont want anymore crappy ass creams on my face that only IRRITATE the living shit out of it.

Nor do I want a BC method...

Stop suing the product.Duh. I promise itll get much better. STO PWITH THE CHEMICALS! Get osme Cetaphil and possibly Tea Tree Oil and leave ur face alone.

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You have a couple of choices: try alternative methods as suggested OR LISTEN TO YOUR DERM. Your acne didn't get that way overnight, and it is not going to go away quickly either. Maybe the Derm is on to something, he or she only went to medical school and then did a residency in dermatology.

If you are still in the same shape as you are now in another month or two look at other treatment options or get a new derm.

It's very simple, you want instant results and there are no instant results with severe acne regadless of which way you go.

In the adult world you will find that things usually take time. Welcome to life !

Joe Zit

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That's too severe. I guess you should consult an expert dermatologist to identify the right treatment for your problem.

It is better to be beautiful than good, but it is better to be good than ugly.


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until you get there try Bactine spray, it will kill the bacterial infection in a couple of days, and leave it feeling better, not itchy or achy. It has worked really really well for me so far.

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