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Been on Acutane for 22 days now. Not the first time. This is the 3rd try. Don't think u can take it once and you're magically cured. I'm not trying to be a bad news bear but I'm 30 and still have issues every few years. The side effects are horrible. No lie but anything to get these sores off my face is worth it. Sigh I'm sure a lot of u have gone their the same before. Its hard to explain to someone that's never had bad skin how hard it is to deal with. Its your face. The first thing people see.:-(

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Ive been off accutane for just shy of two years now. I have had recurrances. I noticed my recurrances to be related to my diet and lack of fibre. I take fibre capsules once a day and eat two pieces of fruit to start the day. Make sure you are regular in going to the loo. When I'm not regular I get pimples. skin is manageable though and I'm happy to not go on accutane again. I've found what works and what doesn't post accutane. Also, I've been avoiding gluten as I think I may have a slight sensitivity to gluten. It is very easy. pre accutane I would never have come to these conclusions. Something else was at work and accutane sorted me out. But now it is much simpler to diagnose. Acne is an inflammatory response. Think about what may be the cause of your inflammatory response. What happens if you need to go on a forth course and you still haven't figured out why your acne resurfaces. I really hope you won't need to though.

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