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Brown AND Red Spots.

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I have Acne Vulgaris. And form past 2 weeks I have been using Cipla Isotroin 40mg/day and Benzac AC (BP 2.5%) And Its WORKING. But Yesterday I went to salon and he suggested me to pop the remaining ones. I agreed . And he used some bottle opener like instrument to do it. (There was lot of blood). And the same night I used white toothPASTE for overnight solution to get rid of all the red marks.

BUT when I woke this morning I have HUGE Brown mark which irritates whenever I sprinkle water on it.

I am using Ice every now and then But its not working.

Please help me out. Am in college and cant sit home like this neither can go with this hideous face.

I need a FASTEST-ER Solution.

I live in India and there are some products of medications not available here.

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Look into low strength glycolic peels or ACV and moisturise.

One thing I didn't understand. Only after applying the toothpaste I go that Black/Brown Mark. Before that it was all red. :redface:

I am on isotroin now, It flakes out skin, will that helP? And am going to stop using BP,

Should i exfoliate that area with scrubs.??

Ok I should get a Peel. I guess that takes 10 days to fully recover. :think:

How much will it cost can I get it in any medical/ drug store (In india). and use it.


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We have a whole section dedicated to red marks after acne and I will move this thread there for you. The section here is for indented marks after acne.

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I dont know what it is. I guess I misunderstood it as PIH. 'cuz as am using Isotretinoin, My skin is flaking and some of the brown/black marks got flaked out.

Let see how good it goes.

After my marks are gone, what Can I do to look fresh and smooth while the flaking is still in progress,

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Bro. here it is what u have to do exactly. This is applied by me personally and have seen lots of improvement. This is a home remedy and i taking the risk experimented on me which works perfectly great for me my skin is fairer than before, glowing a lot, dark spots reduced some of them totally disappeared and skin got smooth like never before.

Pros: skin glowed eusa_dance.gif

dark spots reduced and disappeared

skin smooth

cons: stinks till u apply on face wacko.gif

Bottom line: Do exactly as i did. Wash face with hot water before applying this for 10 min. Take a small bowl. Put i teaspoon of honey, one lemon juice, cream from milk (which appeared on milk surface). Mix it thoroughly and apply it on face and massage it for 15 min make sure u wash face with hot water first before applying this because hot water open the pores of your face. After applying this mixture cut a slice of lemon again and message directly on dark spots area for another 10 min. leave the face for few min. and finally wash face with cold water. U will definitely see difference from day one as it also depends upon person to person skin it might take long too for u.

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