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Hello All!

I don't post often, but I do read a lot of current and older threads on this board. It has been an amazing resource for me, and I want to thank you all for contributing to it.

I started worrying about, and beginning to treat my scars late in 2010. I had just cleared off active acne, and pursued many traditionally un-invasive home cures. I had a few rolling scars on my cheeks, some shallow boxcars on the cheekbones, very large pores that seemed to be spreading from either side of my nose out to my cheeks, small shallow scars that were either icepicks or large pores on my cheeks (these are different looking than the ones on either side of my nose, more spaced apart and seemingly more shallow) and a little bit of indentation on my forehead, but they don't seem to fit into the scar-shape categories. I was very scared of making my scars worse, especially since I also suffered from hyperpigmentation and some scar treatments (such as certain peels) may increase hyperpigmentation.

At first, I tried:

turmeric--fresh turmeric ground into a paste, this was good, did dye my skin a little but really no problem if I did it at night

vinegar--just white vinegar, diluted 50/50 and swabbed on my fae

egg masks--just the whites, good for hyperpigmentation

vit c serum--this was great, I really loved it and I think it helped some of my indents

vit A and D, vit E and fish oil supplements

These cures were 'good' and I think they did help my indented scaring. If I were to put a percentage on it, I'd say about 20 percent. My face seemed smoother, but unfortunately, my acne kept coming back since I'd taken myself off BP.

Then, I tried:

Skin Biology's acne scar kit. This was great, and really helped the rolling scars on my cheek. I just followed directions that it came with. At least a 50% improvement on the rolling scars, nothing obvious on the icepicks/pores, but I was very very pleased with the results on my cheeks. The kit also lasts a very long time, at least it has for me. But, at this point I had really stopped using the BP, and after some time I began to break out badly. I did not break out because of the scar reduction kit, just because I wasn't keeping up with anything to control my acne.

Most recently/Now/What WORKS:

I'm on a regimen where I use BP in the morning, and Retin A at night. My acne was completely under control, and my hyperpigmentation was fading fast and my skin was more plump and did look better, but the large pores were still there.

Every few days or once a week, I'll use the copper peptides on my face at night after the Retin A. My favorite product is the Supercop 2x, and sometimes I use the Super CP serum, but I don't use the exfoliants any more. Doesn't seem necessary with the Retin A and I don't want to over treat my skin. http://store.reverseskinaging.com/ProductD...?ProductCode=73

Once a week or every other week, I use the Microdelivery peel by Philosophy. This thing is amazing, and I nearly always get compliments on my skin after I use it. I've had people ask what kind of moisturizer I've been using, or say that they can barely see any of the scars I had before, or just say that I look great. Is it a real 'benefit' to my scars? Is it removing them? I don't know--I think it does, but its primary function for me is that its a huge confidence booster. It fits in totally with the Skin Biology 'method' of exfoliation+peptides. I bought a smaller kit that was around $30 that's half the size of this kit, and its lasted me for months already and I think it will last me a while longer too. http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P72504

What has made the largest difference, though, is Murad's Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack. Its pricey, and will be around $120-$140 a month, but it has made a remarkable impact on the quality of my skin. I bought it because I was reading reviews about the product, and a fair number of reviewers claimed that it made their skin glow. Sure enough, my skin glows, and even the pores and pore/icepick type scars on my cheeks, the rolling and boxcars on my cheekbones are all FAR less apparent. My skin looks great. Its not perfect, but it looks great and so much better than it has in a long time. I'm pretty sure I need to keep up with the supplements to keep up with the results, but I think its a relatively reasonable price to pay for the results I've gotten.

When my skin gets to be in a good place, I hope to wean myself off the Retin A and copper peptides. I may pursue rolling or a light peel in the future, but I'm really scared to make matters worse--vit C had my going in circles for a while, helping me get rid of hyperpigmentation and then giving me a new zit. I don't want to try something that takes away one problem but makes something else worse; I've read the threads about burns, hyperpigmenetation, even bad aestheticians--with the two main players in my scar regime, Murad's supplements and Skin Biology's copper peptides, I think there's very slim chance of a negative side effect. Some people do break out with the peptides, but I didn't and I think as long as you start slow and spot treat at first, you'll know if they're working for you. The first day after, your skin will seem a little swollen and scars less noticable, so don't think that you've achieved amazing results in a day, it will take time and you'll need to keep up with the results. Right now, I feel like I'm in a good place. Acne's under control, scars are getting better, and I've never had perfection as a goal so I'm not still doing my intense scar research like I used to. I'm feeling good. When I need a little boost, I'll use the Microdelivery Peel, and the rest of the time I still don't feel half bad. I just wanted to share my experiences as reading many of yours has helped me on my journey. Please let me know if you've got any questions!

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