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Question about taking tetracycline

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I have been on tetracycline 250 mg twice a day for about 2 weeks now and started Dan's Regimen about a week ago. Should I drop the tetracycline and just stick to the regimen? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :) I'm just wondering if I am over medicating myself. I know side effects of both are drying of the skin.

I've never had great skin but it has been awful since I got the Mirena IUD. Tempted to get that dang thing yanked out as well. :confused:

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take the tetracycline! i had excellent results on this many years ago. it was the only anti biotic that had any effect. And my skin was clear for 2 years, but then i became immune to it and the acne came back. But this stuff was amazing it started working straight away!

Topicals are not the answer only a fix for while you are using them, so you ideally need a combination of ways to tackle this - anti biotics / hormone control / diet etc

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Yes ma'am!!!! Lol! I just don't want to be dependent on medications really and I am kind of curious to see if Dan's Regimen will work by itself on me. I might just keep taking it and let my face get used to both and slowly wean myself off of the tetracycline? Wish me luck!

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