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I AM AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi guys,

i do not eat sugar , gluten , dairy, whet etc.

but beacause i am an idiot i ate right now some corn flakes from 100% percent organic corn.

so, i want to aski you guys will i break out

p.s. in just 3 days following this diet from 20 pimples , 8 cyctics, a lot of blackheads that i have now I I have not break out in these 3 days i have 3 pimples 2 cyctics an less blackheads AND my bacne clear up !!!!!!!!!!

So will this damn snack break me out?

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hey guys,

so , i wake up today and fortunately i do not break out. I will see how it will goes for the next days.

p.s. http://howtoclearyouracne.com/main/ this is the diet that cleared me 80 % in 3 days. but unfortunately you must check this website for about 8 hours to read what you must EXACTLY do, if you have a problem or you are just lazy :lol: reply and tell me id you want to now what i do.

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Guest davidtheskinking

I think you are overreacting!

Organic corn that is GMO free is really not that bad! Don't worry about it!

Even if it did cause a breakout you stressing about it would actually make it worse than the actual snack itself, the best thing to do is enjoy the food you are eating and feel good about it regardless of whether it's healthy or not.

Placebo & Nocebo effect!

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As long as your not eating too much of cornflakes you shouldn't break out, and I wouldn't rely on a youtube video if it doesn't include resources.

Edited by Billinator

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