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New User - Needs Help! (Details Inside!)

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Greetings all! Just registered here, all of a few minutes ago. Basically this is my situation, and I was wondering if you could help me at all.

I would have what I'd call sensitive skin to some degree, and in terms of how bad my face is, it usually has anywhere from around 7-15 "Spots" on it at once, with a good number of black heads thrown in too. However I've never really considered it Acne (Even the mild sort) until recently, where they just wont budge!

Most of the time my spots are concentrated from the start of my jaw line below the ear, and gradually working (And thinning) down towards my neck and chin. My chin is usually next the next worst, though this can vary.

As far as my regime goes I've just gotten a bottle of Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion(?) however after a week's use while this does seem to be clearing up my skin to some degree, I do seem to still be breaking out (With a new batch of 2-3 appearing every 2-ish days) So here are my questions to you!

1) Should I get a BP-based cleanser? And if so what can you recommend from the UK? (Dan's is just too expensive right now)

2) If I do get a BP-Based cleanser are there any recommendations for a moisturiser?

3) If you don't agree with Cetaphil, what other generic face washes are there? I chose it as it had pretty good reviews, and in fairness seems to wash my skin pretty well (Its just the getting rid of spots it doesnt seem to do!!!!)

Please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi there. First of all I think it is unlikely that the Cetaphil Gentle face wash will clear up acne all on it's own. I think if you feel it's clearing up your skin to some degree then I'd stick with it, as it is more than I would expect it to do. You don't say if you are using an 'acne fighting' product like Benzoyl Peroxide. This is vital to get rid of the little blighters, and stop new ones forming, until you (hopefully soon) grow out of the problem.

There are options for what you use to fight the acne. I have used several types of BP on the regimen, but my best experience speaking personally has been with Dan's BP. You can use other ones with good effect - Panoxyl 2.5% is available extremely cheaply in most UK pharmacies, across the counter. My experience of this is that it is a little severe on your face, causing more redness than other brands especially initially. However, lots of people swear by it and increasing it very slowly should help to deal with redness, if you feel you don't want to import Dan's stuff. Go very cautiously though if you decide to do this or you'll be having to tell everyone it's sunburn! I've also used Proactiv (treatment) bought on ebay which was fine, and Neutrogena on the spot - imported again from the States through ebay (but the Neutrogena is expensive because it is such a small tube and you get through it really quickly). Be especially careful if you use BP on your neck because I think it tends to be more potent there.

I'm a bit unsure what you mean about a BP based cleanser - when you say that Dan's is too expensive right now. Dan does a cleanser (that is not to my knowledge BP based), a Benzoyl Peroxide gel, and a moisturiser. These 3 items are what the regimen is about. And following Dan's instructions to the letter.

Personally, being in the UK I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (£4 at the moment at Asda pharmacy), Dan's BP, and Olay Complete Sensitive SPF15 fluid. This works great for me but obviously may not for others, so some experimentation may be in order. If you do decide to buy Dan's BP - be very careful about the customs trap. If you buy anything outside Europe that costs more than £18 (total order cost) you will be liable for customs charges when you import it into the UK, and it's not pennies - I got done for £12 the first time.

Hope this helps. Good luck:)

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I'm not using anything else just yet, only the Cetaphil cleaner. However as i say, although it does a good job at cleaning my skin, but it doesn't seem to be getting rid/preventing the new little blighters! So would you recommend Dans BP wash over all the others? If it really does come that well recommended I will fork out for it!

As for the customs trap, What way is there around it? Apart from keeping your order below £18 (Or is that the only way?

Thanks for the quick reply! Helped a lot!

PS: Is the Olay SPF Liquid your moisturiser as well?

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I would suggest sticking with the Cetaphil gentle cleanser, but you also need some BP gel not a BP wash. If you feel you can afford it I would buy Dan's BP gel. Just buy the small one - it is usually an 8oz tube, but at the moment he's temporarily producing it as a 8oz pump bottle. If you only order this (don't buy the big bottle) you won't have to pay customs, because it's under £18.

Choose the lowest priced international delivery - that's international 1st class, which on average takes about 10 ish days. Your bank or credit card company will charge you for converting the money - about £1.80 or so per transaction.

The third thing you need is a good moisturiser because the BP gel dries your skin and you need to counteract that - this is important because otherwise you can eventually end up with premature aged skin if you continually miss the moisturiser.


1. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

2. Dan's BP gel

3. a good moisturiser - you'll need to experiment. Cetaphil do a moisturising lotion which I used to use. But it is thick and doesn't dry very fast, so I prefer Olay now. With your skin being sensitive you'll have to determine what suits you.

Then watch Dan's videos about how to do the regimen. It is really easy to get something wrong without realising it - believe me I've been there! Maybe you start to be a little less gentle applying the products and it can cause a breakout, even though you think it won't matter! or you wash your skin for longer than he tells you and that causes a breakout. So watch them over and over for the first few weeks every few days to check your technique. It can save you precious skin recovery time if you can get it just right first time.

Mail me back if you need to know anything else at all. Ellie x

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Brilliant thanks! Ill order than now then if it takes ~10- days to come. For a moisturiser is there anything that definitely SHOULDNT be in?


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Mmmm. It's difficult to say. I found settling on a moisturiser quite difficult as a lot of the ones people on here talk about only seem to be available in the US. You could pick one type to try - say Olay, but only put it on part of your skin to test it and see if you react badly. I think Dan suggests trying new products on a small patch just under your chin. Then if that's okay, you can gradually cover a larger area until you feel confident just to slap it all over the place! If you react badly to it, well it's not so obvious under your chin.

I was nervous about trying the Olay because the Olay one Dan recommends is not available here anymore, and so I tested the one I chose like this to start with. You will soon know if it's a problem. Some British people seem to use Simple products - and I think they do quite a few moisturisers. Steer clear of anything aimed at the acne market - all your Clearasils and that sort of stuff, all those dreadful face scrubs - they are usually very harsh on your skin and harshness will undoubtedly make your acne worse. The key to getting the acne under control is not to irritate your skin. Use gentle products and be very very gentle applying them. At all other times don't touch your face at all.

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Guest T.M.

As said above

Gentle cleanser



Then ramp it up

I read the reviews and you hear of people using a cleanser for 2 days and raving about their acne disapearing over night. Take it with a pinch of salt. Ebay can be cool for the US products as theya re usually massive and last forever so the cost sort of evens out... only for moisturisers though.

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Great thanks! So far this is what I've got (Or atleast have ordered)

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

Dans BP

Boots Botanics Sensitive Oil Free Moisturiser

Going to read/watch all of Dan's videos and instructions now too. Hopefully it will help clear up some of the spots that have just come through, and keep them away!

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Great..those zits should be quaking in their boots! Let us know how you get on or if you need to know anything else:)

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