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Treating the spot BEFORE it arrives

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I don't know if it's just me, but I feel as if we all have had those spots and red marks that you can just feel under the layer of the skin - as if a spot is waiting to emerge soon the next day. They often feel hot for me, the skin will be smooth and there will be no mark or NOTHING visible - but you can feel a slight ache. The next day, lo and behold it is a spot.

Has anybody had success in preventing these before they come? The best I can do is delay it for a few days, and then overall treat it in like 3-4 days.

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No it's definitely not just you! I f-ing hate it when this happens. Honestly, I think it's basically just too late at this point---not that it ever stops me from trying... Lately, I like to treat them with a thin layer of Neutrogena 3-in-1 Hydrating treatment (Alcohol-free BHA gel--it takes away redness and seems like its stopped a few of 'em), and Dan seems to swear by AHA cream as a spot treatment. For the most part though, I've found that over-treating them with anything topical tends to backfire by aggravating and forcing them to a head (often making them 10x more visible). If it's a really deep one, I've found that it's best to just leave it alone and take naproxen sodium for a couple of days to help with the inflammation.

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