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The beginning of my new life?!

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Hi this is Ken from Hong Kong :cool: . 19/M. I guess I'll just make it short, cuz I know everyone who starts accutane must have been suffering from this a long time, me too. I have been suffering from stubborn moderate to severe body acne since I was 13 or 14. And the situation on my face has also worsen since last year or so, so I guess my face is mild to moderate right now. :wacko: man sometimes I really hate myself

I have basically tried all the otc products and I've been on doxy for 1.5 year then I switched back to take Chinese medicine, which is quite effective. But just like taking antibiotics, once I stopped taking it, my acne came back in full force....I just can't take this anymore!!!!!!!! I'm so tired of trying and trying and end up with no effort, so I made up my mind to give accutane a go. I know it's no miracle cure, but I feel like this will be my only chance to get clear, I'm just so desperate for clear skin! Why is it so hard?

Anyway, I just took my first pill yesterday, my derm put me on 20mg daily in the first month. So far not experiencing any side effects.

Condition right now:

Face: 4-5 active zits (along my hair line got about 3)

Chest: some new breakouts some are whiteheads , now 4 active ones

Back: quite a number of zits and 2 nodules, it really hurts (oouch!!!) :cry:

Gotta take my second pill tonight. So I'll just call it a day =D

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Still not experiencing any kind of side effects, just feel like I have to drink more water sometimes. My back has a minor breakout in day 2, but has improved a bit today, if this is an IB then I think I'm pretty ok with it =D Anyway I think it's still too early to say anything about this drug....let's wait and see, but I'm optimistic!

The zits on my face has gone down a bit and also my chest.

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Side effects starting to come up, I have dry eyes and dry skin and occasional headaches too. But it is bearable and only 2 to 3 new breakouts on my back these days, I think things are going pretty well. =D By the way, I think I experienced some mood swings lately, dunno if its the tane or just because of my heavy stress these days.

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