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I am 24 years old and I have very oily skin which leads to impure skin. I know that most of the people here would think that my problem is somewhat next to invisible but it really destroys my confidence.

I dont often have these typical red pimples , i only have big pores which fill up. From a distance of 2-3 meters you probably wouldnt see a thing but if the light shines on my face from the side, my forehead is just full of these little "hills".

So first i wanted to ask if The Regimen is only fighting the hard acne (With red big pimples) or will it also help for clogged pores to unclogg?

And second: If you use BP you should avoid sun. But if i use it only at night, is my skin`s sun defence down the whole day or only at night?

Greetings and sorry for the not so perfect english =))

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I had mild to moderate acne when starting the Regimen, it's not just for the really infected/inflamed pimples. I had just a ton of whiteheads.

It can help unclog your pores because it goes inside and sort of "peels". I've noticed my nose pores are a lot smaller when I use BP on my nose - my nose always had clogged pores for no reason, but with BP they are not clogged constantly.

Another thing that helps is jojoba oil. It's a naturally occuring substance that cleans out pores in a very healthy way.

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I never trustet jojoba beacause it is oil, but so many people swear on it so i think im gonna give it a try. Until now i used La Roche Posay Hydraphase light but its not enough, even though i have oily skin it drys out with the washing and bp

Thank you very much

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