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My first breakout in two months

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All has been going well over the past couple of months - not a single spot due to changes in diet and lifestyle. I believe things would have continued to prosper if I hadn't added in some new foods over the past couple of days. Dates and cashew nuts made their way into my basket for a change. Cashew nuts generally pose no threat to me, albeit previously I was a little cautious when approaching them, as I did consider that they may have caused a few breakouts here and there. This notion was erased when I consumed an entire 300g bag last week in one sitting with no adverse effects, and I doubt this to be the cause of my recent eruption due to its nature. The recent breakout seems to be more of an allergic response - I developed cysts on my back and 4 beautifully placed tiny spots at each corner of my mouth. They're so well placed that at quick glimpse one may mistake them for tiny, yellow piercings!

I'm assuming the dates are to blame. For what it's worth, the dates come in the form of a bar, cold-pressed with cashews. They are the only two ingredients, and I'm already quite certain that cashews cause me no problems. So, what do you think? It sounds to me that these symptons are reminiscent of an allergic response. This is the first time I had ever consumed dates, by the way. Ultimately, I'm not bothered in the slightest. It'll all be gone in no time.

Thanks for listening.

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Yeah, try not to worry about it. It may be hormonal or the cashew may have had something to do with it. Either way, if your routine is effective, then it should clear up in no time. :)

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Don't sweat it, it may be something as simple to correct as your omega 3:6 ratio or the fact that dates aren't exactly the most low-GI food out there.

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