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Can some people review my diet for anything aggrvating acne?

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So this is a typical day for me:

1 and 1/4 cups Oatmeal w/ water and spoonfull of flaxseeds/raisins

Sandwich, typically 2 pieces whole wheat bread with something in it

Lentils and frozen vegetables

Can of tuna and salad w/ some thousand island dressing mixed into the tuna

nature valley bar and an apple

lentils/beans w/ frozen veg

1 cups Oatmeal w/ water and spoonfull of flaxseeds/raisins

SUpper typically is some sort of simple carb w/ some sort of meat and vegetables/salad

also take multivitamin in morning and fish oil 3x day

I try to avoid dairy, eggs, seeds, sugary foods, etc.

I'm trying to eat less simple carbs because Ive heard a high glycemic load can be bad.

Is there anything here that could potentially be aggravating my acne? since I started eating more structured meals I think my skins gotten a bit worse. This could also be due to the fact that im bulking and am eating like 400cals over maintenence though. What do you guys think?

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I'm not sure. You seem to be eating pretty healthy. You are going to get a lot of different opinions here. Talk with a naturalpathic and or a nutritionist if you want a professional. I can say that I have done both and have tried everything under the sun to no avail. My derm says that they have done studies on diet and acne. Time and time again they have found no relation diet and acne.

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It's probably not the raisins.

First of all, your diet is almost all carbs. You have very little fat and protein.

Flax can be problematic to some people, most likely due to the phytoestrogen content or the high Omega 6 content in relation to the Omega 3 ALA content (since the conversion from ALA to EPA/DHA isn't very efficient.)

The oats can be problematic if they're not steel-cut and processed in a facility that processes other grains. Oats do not naturally have gluten, although they get contaminated with small amounts of it during processing. Get a high-quality steel-cut brand of oats.

But the biggest culprit is most likely your whole wheat bread. It contains Gluten, significant amounts of phytic acid and lectins. It's also quite high in carbs and ontrary to popular belief, the amount of fiber in whole wheat breads is really not much at all, especially when you compare it side by side with virtually any vegetable on this planet.

You need to add in more fat from things like coconut oil and olive oil. Avocados are also great. You should also be eating seafood on a regular basis for the Omega-3s (and without any dressing.)

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